1 in 2000: Robertson aspires to act


Vinnie Scarpaci ’13


  “Acting, singing, cosplay, and just theater in general, is my passion. It’s everything I love and my life mostly revolves around those activities,” said Raven Robertson ’14.

   Robertson recently played a lead role in L’Anse Creuse North’s production of the play Chicago in 2012. She also attends Cosplay conventions about 4 or 5 times a year. Cosplay is when people at a convention all design and create their own costumes to look like anime characters from cartoons.

   Robertson also loves theatre, so much in fact that she is going into theater as a career. These are just a few things her life consists of from day to day.

   Last school year Robertson played a lead role in Pankow’s production of the play, “Chicago. “Chicago was the district’s largest play to date.

   “Playing the lead role in such a big play like “Chicagoreally helped me solidify that I wanted to go into theatre as a career path,” Robertson said.

   Though Robertson has high hopes of being an A-list celebrity one day, when it comes to daily life she’s just an average teenage girl. When she’s not in school she spends her time hanging out with friends, doing homework, or working at Pankow. She enjoys her job at pankow because it helps her to understand a behind-the-scenes view of theatre production.

   “I want to know everything there is to know about theatre” Robertson says, “There’s much more to it than just the people on stage.”

   With huge goals ahead of her in life, Robertson ’14 has her head straight is determined to one day have her name up in lights. Soon she will be a legend in the theatre community and will go down as a legend.