A New Crusade

Coach Kiner

Jacob Puma ’13

Online Editor

As the third quarter saw its final seconds, the varsity football team placed four fingers in the air to represent the start of the fourth quarter. The scoreboard read 20-0 with LCN on top. The Crusaders were 12 minutes away from snapping a 19-game losing streak. The quarter continued, and LCN tacked on another touchdown to take a 27-0 lead over the Cousino Patriots. Soon enough, the final buzzer rang, the Crusaders won, and the New Crusade had begun.

In a school that is surrounded by great basketball and baseball teams, LCN always wondered why the Varsity football team has struggled. But this year, with a whole new coaching staff, from Freshmen to Varsity, the football teams look to change the losing culture at Crusader Nation.

“Cheering for basketball games was a lot of fun because of how far they got in the playoffs. Playoffs for football would mean the same to Crusader Nation,” said Ashley Lech ’13. “The New Crusade is going great, we are so proud of the boys. We cannot wait to cheer them on for the rest of the season and hopefully into the playoffs!”

After a summer full of weight lifting, camps, 7on7’s, and bonding, these LCN Crusaders are ready to make some noise in the MAC Blue this season. According to the Varsity coaches, a promising schedule sets high goals for the team: win the first game, win all home games, make the playoffs, and host a playoff game.

“I believe all the summer work we put in really helped us to prepare for the season,” said Tyler Sirut ’14, tight-end. “Our new offense should really help us in completing our season goals,”

Winning the season opener at home was accomplished with a 27-0 score over the Cousino Patriots in August. A week later, the Crusaders traveled to Grosse Pointe South for their first MAC Blue conference game. A hard-fought battle lead the Crusaders to an overtime lose, 27-28. For the next two games, the Crusaders continued the same pattern, win one and lose one. A 7-6 victory over Grosse Pointe North was followed by a week four loss to the Romeo Bulldogs.

Quarterback Alec Duffiney ’13 is a three-year varsity football player. He said “More fans come out to watch us play and people treat us better because we are winning. I love it.”

The New Crusade is something head coach Anthony Kiner has been preaching all season long. It’s not just about the football team, but the whole community.

“On those Friday nights, I want the band to be rocking out and cheerleaders cheering us on. If we have the whole school behind the team, it will only help us when we make the playoffs,” Kiner said.

A winning football team has really changed the culture at LCN. What The New Crusade brought to Crusader Nation was not just a winning football team, but also brought the school together as one. With the band, cheerleaders, fans and football team all fighting together, the team can go far this season, and many more years to