Benefits behind homecoming funds

Cordero MacNear ’14

News Editor

Students, staff and teachers kicked off the new school year with one of the greatest events of the year: Homecoming. Many students were thrown off by the price of the tickets when purchasing them, but a slight percentage of the student body knows the benefits behind the prices.

  “Homecoming tickets are $20 and have been that price for the past three years,” Jena Amell, Student Council advisor said.

  There are many benefits that result from the cost of tickets, some that Student Council students do not know. Homecoming ticket profits are used for future charity events. So the bigger the attendance at Homecoming, more charity events will follow later in the school year. Then everything raised from later events, are then donated.

  “We raised about 15 to 20 grand a year, and we donate the money as we go throughout the year. We use the money for several things, like the Student Poverty, Homecoming court, Homecoming reception, staff luncheon, North Fest and Mr. Crusader and those Dave Jackson pictures, that’s where all the money comes from.” Amell said. “We raised about six grand last year. All of the money we raise from Powder Puff is donated towards charity. Most of the money from Powder Puff goes to Whaley Children’s Orphanage.”

   The Whaley Children’s Orphanage is a private non-profit residential child caring institution, based inFlint,Michigan, which serves children who have suffered chronic and profound abuse and neglect.

  Dave Jackson was a former principal at LCN, after his death this past February, student council decided to put together a picture frame with pictures and famous quotes byJacksonfor his remembrance and sent them out to all LCN staff.

   “The Student Poverty Fund works to find essentials for students who are in need of school supplies, such as gym shoes and back packs,” President of Student Council David Walter said. “Student Council established ti along with North Fest with Dylan Duffin (LCN alumni) three years ago.”

   “Charity money is also donated to the Special Olympics. Ms. Amell actually volunteers with Special Olympics, and she noticed that the kids didn’t have much food or any shelter, so she said ‘Why not?’” Lori O’Neal said. “…And money is donated to MASC/MAHS, which stands for the Michigan Association of Student Council and Michigan Association of Honor Society. MASC/MAHS has a state charity that has not been officially announced yet.”

   MASC/MAHS is a leadership camp for Student Council and National Honor Society students held inAlbion,Michiganover the summer.

  Morale officer of Student Council Evan Coulter ’13 said how MASC/MAHS has changed the way he views things: “MASC/MAHS camp has been a big part of my life – going to camp and states (MASC/MAHS state conference) it really made me a better person…and a better leader.”

  Attending Homecoming may be one of the greatest experiences for friends, but it is also a huge benefit for others.