Cider and donuts make us go nuts

Brandon Alafriz

Sports Editor


   Fall is coming upon L’Anse Creuse North very quickly. Leaves are starting to fall off the trees and the weather is getting colder. This time of year is prime for harvesting and picking apples. Apple picking is a great season to go out and spend time with friends or loved ones.

   Blake’s Apple Orchard and Cider Mill, located on Romeo Plank andArmada Road, is not too far away from LCN. For most, a 30 minute drive is all that it will take to have an unforgettable day with your favorite people.

   While at Blake’s, it is highly likely that you will never have a dull moment. Many eye-popping things stand out. Whether it is a big tractor pulling people on a hayride or a large field of trees bustling with pickers, guests won’t know where to go first.

   Blake’s is famous for it’s apple cider and allowing customers to go and drive their car’s around the orchard to pick their own apples. After arriving at the area of apple trees bound to be picked, a Blake’s staff member will greet pickers and give out baskets for the apples.

   “I want to go to Blake’s so bad this year. If I go, I’d love to spend time with my family there. It’s a great place to go relax and spend time with them because they’re the most important people to me,” said social worker Anne Venet.

   A building is seen coming back in from the orchard. The smell of freshly made apple cider and donuts flows through the surrounding air. The Orchard Café is swarming with hungry guests.

   “Whenever I go to Blake’s, I always stop and get cider and donuts after picking apples. I’d love to go there with a boyfriend, but I don’t have one. It would be the perfect date,” said Reilly Becker ‘14.

   Apple orchards are always busy during the fall. People are out with their families and friends doing an activity only available one season a year. The Blake’s family of employees strives to make a day at their orchard a memorable experience.

   “Blake’s is by far the best place I’ve ever been to get apples. If I could go again, I definitely would,” said Janitor Tom Schmittling.

   Blake’s, to me, was a bit high in price. A glass of pop and a hot dog cost me about $8. The orchard was also filled with a lot of people. I felt crowded at sometimes but eventually ventured off into areas where picker’s had not gotten to yet. Other than that, I really enjoyed going there. If I could go again, I would without even thinking twice. It was definitely a day I won’t ever forget.