Creepy horro movies are crawling into theathers

Kaylee McPharlin ’13  

Opinions Editor


   With Halloween and scare season on the horizon, movie goers of all sorts should be fearful of the line up of new horror movies coming out this month.

   The highly anticipated “Paranormal Activity 4” is on the top of the list for horror movie goers for this fall. The movie takes place five years after Paranormal Activity 2, which ended with Katie Featherston, acting as herself, kidnapping her son, Hunter. They’ve moved into a new house and their neighbors start experiencing paranormal occurrences. According to the movie’s official website, this movie comes into theaters on October 19.

   “Silent Hill: Revelation” is another highly-anticipated sequel after the first Silent Hill in 2006. These movies are based on the many adaptations of the game “Silent Hill.” In this sequel, one of the main characters Heather Mason (Adelaide Clemens) enters a strange, terrifying alternate reality that contains the answers to her childhood nightmares that have stuck with her ever since. “Silent Hill: Revelation” comes into theaters October 26 according to IMDb.

   Another thriller flick coming out this fall is Citadel. Starring James Cosmo and Aneurin Barnard, this film is about a man and his pregnant wife who got attacked by a supernatural gang on the street, and tragically loses his wife and is left to raise his daughter alone. The gang continues to pursue after his daughter, and with the help of a priest, tries to protect her. Along with Silent Hill: Revelation, Citadel comes out October 26.

   LCN horror lovers are excited for these movie releases. “I’m very excited to see “Paranormal Activity 4.” I’ve seen all of the other ones before, and going to see it is a good excuse to cuddle up with a cute guy,” Hannah Shier said. Courtney Warren, another excited horror movie lover, is excited to see “Silent Hill: Revelation.” “I’m excited to see Silent Hill: Revelation because it looks super interesting and a wee bit scary,” she said. Horror fans look for a hauntingly good time this fall at the movies.