Editorial: Crusader Nation’s school spirit falls short of previous standard

Crusader Pride is not just a saying, but a way of life for some students. Everyone takes pride in something, whether it is something they have done or a group they belong to. Almost every person reading this is connected to L’Anse Creuse High School – North, Crusader Nation, yet it seems that very few actually exhibit any Crusader Pride.

Since the beginning of the year, Fridays have been declared Crusader Pride Fridays and everyone has been asked to wear black and gold. Traditionally, some of the biggest sporting events of the week have been held on Fridays throughout the year, so it makes sense to show some school spirit on these days. This year, however, not many have shown that spirit. The halls are still a sea of colors, whereas in years past, there wouldn’t be many students caught without at least one of the school colors.

Spirit week is a hallmark of homecoming. For years, the classes have battled it out to prove – all week long – which class has the most spirit. Students dress up in wacky outfits, the juniors and seniors battle it out at Powderpuff, everyone gets involved in the float contest, and of course at the pep assembly, every member of the class cheers their heart out. Yet, this year, the spirit was extremely lacking.

According to the student council spirit week tallies, the seniors, who won the class competition, only had 20 percent of students participate. The sophomores, who fell last, had only 10 percent of students participate.

Rosa Hough, a social studies teacher, even made the comment that, “This was the lowest participation that I’ve ever seen.”

This past spirit week, the counts were lower than anyone can remember in recent history. The halls looked like any other normal day.

Where has the Crusader Pride gone? How can we reignite the spirit of years past? Almost every sports team is at the top of their respective division – including the football team! Administrators are giving students more freedoms with the revised cell phone policy and the new outdoor patio. The class of 2013 is one of the highest achieving classes on the ACT. Incentives are being given out for those showing Crusader Pride. Everyone has something to be proud of or happy about with their class and their school. Now is the time to show it! Be proud of your school and your class!

There was a time when students bled black and gold. They were at every game, they wore the school colors with pride, and they loved their alma mater. What happened?

Things have gotten better, not worse. Show pride in LCN, wear black and gold, support the teams and clubs, and make an impact at LCN. Those who get involved in spirit days tend to have a better overall high school experience.

Don’t be one of the people who sleep through high school and has no memories of the guys cheering at Powderpuff, the basketball team winning a game at the buzzer, or the last-second comeback by the football team. Enjoy a weekend movie courtesy of LCN by winning one of the prizes for showing Crusader Pride. Show your Crusader Pride and act like a member of the Nation.

During the Local 4 Friday Football Frenzy on September 28, hundreds of students donned black and gold and drove all the way down to L’Anse Creuse High School for a 5 a.m. pep rally. They packed the gym and showed more school spirit than everyone has shown the entire previous month combined. That is the true Crusader Nation.

We challenge you: on the next Crusader Pride Friday, show your black and gold like the Crusader Nation we have seen you can be!