Former Crusader becomes a… video game developer

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Anthony Benacquisto ‘13



Click click, the sound of Jacob Williams mouse as he works on developing new icons for Kingsisle Entertainment in Austin, TX., where he resides. Williams is a video game artist for Kingsisle Entertainment which is a video game company that makes games targeted towards younger kids. His job for Kingsisle involves him making Icons and 3D art for the company.

Williams is an alumnus from L’Anse Creuse North. While Williams was here, he took multiple art classes, and was a artist for The North Star newspaper.

“I took a lot of the Comic Illustration classes in high school,” said Williams.

Before getting this job, he attendedBowling GreenStateUniversity.

“I finished my degree there for digital art,” Williams said.

He met individuals from Bioware which is a different video game developing company. They were working on the latest “StarWars” MMO (massively multiplayer online). He started asking specific questions to learn more about what he needed to do to fix his work, he also started to compete with other artist in contests.

Working on his art and going to events like picnics and contest are what kept him on his feet and lead him on the right career track.

Williams friends that he met at the picnic actually helped him get the job at Kingsisle he currently has.  They told him to build a portfolio, and what order to put things in. He said Kingsisle really tested his knowledge during the interview where they asked him specific questions about programs and other things, they wanted to make sure he knew what he was doing.

Williams recommends to others who want to be in that field, to really know how long it takes to make characters, icons, or whatever you are designing. That is one of the reasons they were a little skeptical about him, but he actually ended up getting a contract with Kingsisle, and is currently working on a new game called “Pirate”.

If a student wants to pursue this field, you really need to know how long it takes to do things, as well as to market yourself and talk to other professionals.