Hottest hangout spots


Brianna Wilson ‘13


   With so many options and so little time, locations around LCN are very convenient.

   Pita Peddler, a small family owned restaurant right off of21 Mile Road, is where someone can be sure to find a few fellow Crusaders.

   “I go to Pita Peddler every day, and it doesn’t cost that much. It’s about average-priced,” said Robert Hopkins ’13.

   Aside from going out to eat, another notorious location that draws in crowds is Premier Lanes, a bowling alley on23 Mile Road eastof I-94. It usually brings in teenagers from all overMacomb.

   Walking in someone will be sure to find groups of students from L’anse Creuse, New Haven, Chippewa Valley, Mt. Clemens, and of course Crusader Nation! Desyrae Brown ’15, a premier frequent, said, “I like to go on Tuesdays because Tuesdays are when Premiere Lanes has $2 bowling nights.

   For those may be a little low on funds, and just simply want to shoot hoops and get a little exercise, Jai’Sean ’15 said that he and friends, Avonte Montgomery ’15, Tomel Bond ’15, and Jack Batayeh ’15, go up to Middle School East to play basketball.

   If someone doesn’t mind taking a ride downHall Road, then they can find all kinds of spots to better suit their time, Taylor Hill ‘15 said that she and her friends like to go to Lakeside Mall and Partridge Creek Mall.

   “I spend like $70-$100 when I go on the weekends. When I go any other time, it’s just to walk around and hang out,” said Hill.

   Not only can people go to the mall but there is also an exciting venue called CJ Barrymore’s onHall Road. CJ Barrymore’s is a family entertainment center complete with two arcade centers, bungee jumping, rock climbing, bumper boats, and go-karts. People will come in groups to be here and enjoy time with family and friends.

   Teens complain all the time about not having anywhere to go in the area. If everyone takes a closer look, there is actually plenty of places!