Inside Instagram

Lizzie Vanlerberghe



After its launch in October 2010, a little app called Instagram took the social networking world by storm and became a household name within months of its release. This incredibly popular photography app caught the attention of smart phone users young and old who wanted a way to show off their creativity.

According to Wikipedia, Instagram has over 100 million users and the number is still growing rapidly.

Now anyone can have the power to take photos from any smart phone and edit them like a professional, then post them on any desired social networking site, such as Facebook and Twitter.

“I love Instagram.” said Megan Barr ’13. “It’s so much better than Facebook. There’s no drama, just very pretty pictures.”

All photos can vary from self-portraits to landscape shots to clothes to (definitely by far the most popular) food. Any of these pictures can be dressed up in a variety of filters and effects to make them more eye-catching to followers.

“Every day I post a picture.” Maddie Ferlecki ’14 said. “It’s really cool and it’s nice to see everyone’s pictures.”

Instagram also saves all the previously posted photos from one person’s account to a personal ‘camera roll’ that allows them to sync a selection of pictures to their computer and print any picture they’d like.

The popular app had also won over people who have had first-hand experience in photography, like David Walter ’13. “I like Instagram because I like looking at pictures, but it isn’t real photography.” Said Walter. “People think they can throw a filter on a picture and think that it looks professional.”

Even people who don’t favor Instagram too much have something nice to say about the app. “It’s very feminine.” said Domanic Bogoevski ’13. “but I like how everyone can edit and post their own pictures and be one with your artistic side.”

Instagram has even taken over televisions with Taco Bell’s new Doritos Locos taco commercial, which features photos from Instagram users who had taken pictures of the famous taco. There is no question that Instagram is this year’s ‘big thing’.