LCN gets rid of tall, beaten up lockers

new locker pic

Darian Hillaker ’13

Feature Editor

   This past summer LCN’s colorful worn-out, beaten down lockers. They were replaced with thousands of beige, stacked lockers. During LCN’s summer construction word got out about these new “stacked lockers” and many students were not pleased with the school’s decision.

There was an important notice posted on the school’s website just days before school began stating that students were not to bring backpacks to school, only a folder and a writing utensil. It turns out the locker combinations were not set for students to be able to use the lockers, which aggravated many students even more. After a few days of hauling backpacks through the halls, the combinations were finally set and even more complaints rose from Crusader Nation.

What happened? Bottom lockers happened. If a student is stuck with a bottom locker he or she got the short end of the stick; they have to constantly and awkwardly squat in the middle of the hallway hoping their neighbors are away. Between waiting for the top neighbor to leave and taking up a lot of space in the hallway itself, the bottom lockers seem like quite a challenge. While many stuck with the “bottom locker blues” have moved into a friend’s top locker, other are toughing it out down there. Basically, bottom lockers are widely unfavorable and while many Crusaders are stuck with the “bottom locker blues”, others have moved their belongings to a friend’s top locker.

The stacked lockers were most definitely a smart and necessary decision on the school’s part, to remove thousands of small, too skinny, dented and hook-less lockers. These beige little buddies are much wider, equipped with several hooks, and what feels like much more space. While students are utilizing and adjusting to these new additions very well, many string bags and backpacks still roam the halls of Crusader Nation. Will these students ever adjust? Or is the bottom locker life just too rough?