LCN parking lot: too crammed?

Shane Healy ’13

Copy Editor

   The student parking lot is a sticky situation. Too many cars become congested in the parking lot minutes after the final bell rings. Those driving in the parking lot call themselves good drivers, but the way they drive says otherwise. To add to the mess, neighbors of the school are sending noise complaints about car systems. I have a solution for all these issues.

The first and most important issue that needs to be addressed is the after school surge of students rushing to get out as fast as possible. I can’t blame them. In fact, I’m one of them. Getting out just after the bell makes it much quicker to get on Fairchild. Unfortunately, most people need to go to their lockers to pick up their books.

I have a few proposed solutions to this problem: let the seniors out two minutes before the juniors. Two minutes seems like a small amount of time; that is all that is needed for a student to go to his/her locker and be on their way out the door.

Juniors may complain about how it’s not fair, but the juniors are just going to have to wait their turn to be seniors. After all, seniors have seniority.

If this plan doesn’t work, there is another option that will work without changing any of the rules. By parking in the corner near the football field and tennis courts, not the actual tennis parking lot, students can avoid congestion. It should be taken into account that this is the longest walk, so students have to decide what’s more important. I encourage students to follow this plan to make it better for all student drivers.

Another huge problem the students face is how horrible some students are at driving. Good drivers don’t cut people off in the parking lot. Good drivers also don’t let several cars in before they proceed. It’s all about balance. The first step is admitting that we are all inexperienced drivers and finding the right balance of being aggressive and passive.

On a side note, the school has been called on several occasions regarding the noise coming from the school parking lot after school. Subwoofers are a primary cause of these complaints. These low frequencies travel the farthest and the neighbors can hear it clearly from their properties.

If you have a great sound system, that is awesome; however, there is no need to show it off in the parking lot. Wait until you reach Fairchild or 21 Mile Road to blast the music. Maybe it will kill two birds with one stone, and avoid distracting the drivers, too.

Granted, the parking lot will always have its issues. With a little cooperation, we can make the parking lot a little safer and easier to navigate.