LCN varsity volleyball sets up for success


Brianna Wilson ’13


   Becoming MAC Gold Division champions takes more than just a little practice and a few good players. It takes a group of dedicated athletes and that is exactly what the Varsity Volleyball Team is.

Thirteen devoted girls made up the team including four sophomores, four juniors and five seniors.

Led by captains Kasie Lashley ‘13 and Jenna Ehrle ‘13, the volleyball team is bound for a season of victory.

At the end of September, the girls are at two wins and zero losses in the league, but including tournaments, they have 11 wins, six losses, and six ties.

They practice every day for about two hours. Keearra Brown’13 said, “I feel like we got stronger since last year because each player has different strengths and is good at something different.”

However, they could not get the title with just the players alone. A great deal of credit goes to Coach Gary Malburg who was behind them and pushing them to their achievements.

Malburg has been coaching for six years and oddly enough, they have been in the MAC Gold Division for six years. He said that passing and defense are the team’s strongest areas of the game.

Coach Malburg believes they are strong enough to get over the loss of their seniors.

“It’s always hard to replace seniors, but I believe everyone chipped in,” said Malburg.

From what it sounds like, this is demanding sport and requires an unrestrained talent and passion for volleyball. No matter how many times a teammate may fall, they will always need help from one another to get back up because that forms a strongly linked team, like a family, which is what Crusader Nation is all about.