New AP classes added

Emily Ronnisch ‘13

Copy Editor


   Several new additions have been made to the list of advanced placement courses offered at LCN. AP Human Geography, a class designed to enlighten students on varying cultures and their effects on the world, is a social studies credit; AP Language and Composition, a nonfiction-based course, is an English credit; and AP Psychology, the study of human behavior, is also a social studies credit.


AP Human Geography


   “I teach the students through note-taking, group projects, and lectures,” said Becky Humphrey, AP Human Geography teacher.


   The goal of this class is to give the students a better understanding of diverse societies. Humphrey assigned her students homework to do over the summer including labeling maps, vocabulary words, and reports on current events from different countries. The students should expect homework daily.


   Although this class is typically populated by Freshmen, one Senior is enrolled as well.


   “We learn about how different cultures influence the world. I like how I can apply what I learn into real life,” said Cody Barlow ’13, a student in the class.


AP Language and Composition


   There are two sections of AP Language and Composition this year, compiled of mostly Juniors.


   “The ACT will seem like nothing compared to the AP Language and Composition test,” said Danielle Alexander, AP Language and Composition teacher.


   The class consists of analyzing works of nonfiction and journalistic writing.

   “Mrs. Alexander sets a positive learning environment in our class. I have learned a lot this year and I think it will benefit me for the ACT,” said Edmund Kirk ’14.


AP Psychology


   “Students have been requesting an AP course for Psychology for a long time, now we have three sections this year,” said Bobbie Agnello, AP Psychology teacher.


   Consisting mostly of seniors, AP Psychology is a college-level course filled with article analysis, memorization of experiments and psychologists, and AP level tests. Agnello assigned a list of 18 psychologists. Each incoming AP Psychology student had to write a paragraph per psychologist.


   The main goal of these new AP classes is to prepare students for college classes. In addition, they have the chance of taking the AP exams held in the spring, where students may receive college credit for scoring well.