New changes… generation

Construction workers remodeling the Main Office.

James Coller ‘13



   If one ventured to LCN over the summer, they would have seen semi trucks and dumpsters surrounding the school. Peering through the dusty windows of the Commons revealed desks, chairs, filing cabinets, and boxes stacked 10 feet high. LCN underwent major renovations during the summer of 2012, and a lot has changed.

    According to LCN’s Principal, Greg Dixon, as part of the 2005 $210 million bond, LCN was overhauled. New lockers replaced the aging, and often dented lockers of the past. New carpet was installed in some rooms where the smell of soaked-in water from burst ceiling pipes still lingered. Walls came crashing down to make room for new classrooms as well as a Large Group Instruction Area. A new school store as well as completely renovated offices greeted new and returning students.

   New ceilings and an updated fire suppression system made the school cleaner and safer. New cabinets were installed in every room to give teachers more organization. Wifi is now accessible anywhere in the building giving technological freedom.

  Dixonsaid that $14 million was spent between L’Anse Creuse North, L’Anse Creuse High School, and Middle School – North.

   English teacher Wayne Cook has mixed feelings about the construction.                                 

   “The upgrades to classrooms are welcome changes,” he said. “The loss of space is not nice.”

   As part of room resizing, some classrooms did see downsizing and some department offices were greatly downsized. The foreign language office replaced a small teacher’s lounge on the second floor. The English office was moved to the opposite size of the second floor, and lost its book room.

   “I think LCN was due in for some remodeling,” said Drake Kress ’13. “I like the new changes.”

   “When the bond issue was passed by voters in 2005, focus groups were developed with parents, teachers, & students to determine what the needs were at each building,” saidDixon. “The projects were then scheduled over a 10 year period, with the last projects to be completed in 2015. Our last project is a remodeling of our pool.”

   Another English teacher, Deborah Hoepfer, is enjoying the changes.

   “I do appreciate the new window in my room. The old one leaked when it rained, and all the carpet would be saturated,” said Hoepfner. 53

   Like the changes or not, they are here to stay. After $14 million was spent this summer, administrators feel that LCN is moving in a positive direction.