Postell take associate position



Alexis Carlson ’14

Opinions Editor

   A new school with new staff, new students, and a new mind set on where the school year will go. Dr. Carla Postell, the new associate principal at LCN, dealt with all of these struggles while opening the school year this September, but how she’s dealt with it is what will really make the difference.

   Dr. Postell spent her early years as any driven high school student would, she worked for her achievements and set goals. She graduated fromMartinLutherKing Jr.High SchoolinDetroit, and soon made her way to theUniversityofMichiganto complete her undergraduate program, majoring in English and minoring in Physiology, and then completed her graduate program in education.

   In the late 90s Dr. Postell was hired for her first teaching job atOldParkHigh School, where she taught for eight years and then moved toFerndaleHigh Schoolwhere she taught for four years. Dr. Postell primarily taught tenth grade English, because that was the subject she was strongest at.

   Dr. Postell spent one year as the assistant principal/ academy director ofYpsilantiHigh School. With this new job came more responsibilities. Dr. Postel not only loved this job because it involved more interaction with the students, but also because she learned positive ways to discipline.

   In 2011, Dr. Postell acquired her doctorate degree fromWesternMichiganUniversityin educational leadership. Dr. Postell feels that her degree in educational leadership is what really helps her understand and relate to the students that she interacts with on a daily basis.

  “Back in college, I wasn’t too sure that teaching was the route I wanted to go. I mean, I love working kids and am great with them, but there was always something I was at ease about. The number one thing that really narrowed my focus and thoughts in to teaching for a career was a mentor I worked with back in college,” Dr. Postell said.

  As a new assistant principal in Crusader Nation, Dr. Postell had a lot of learning to do. Between the students, the staff, and the simple things like knowing her way around the school, she’s been through a lot.

   “The number one thing that stood out most about Dr. Postell during interviews was the research she did for her dissertation for her Doctoral degree. She’s very knowledgeable and has her heart set on helping students succeed,” Dr. Dixon said.

   Dr. Postell’s job came with a number of changes. She’s been put in charge of planning activities, working through problems with students and finding ways to improve LCN.

   A major change Dr. Postell made already is the music during lunches. It was her idea to play music for the students, because she feels it sends a different vibe for people to relax and have a little bit of fun, she said.

                “When I first met Dr. Postell at the first day of school planning meeting, she was extraordinarily nice and tried to learn everyones name’s fast. That was pretty cool. My favorite part about her is that she makes it clear that she actually cares,” Kasie Lashley ‘13 said.

   For as much change Dr. Postell has already worked through, she will probably undergo more, but don’t think that challenge will stop her. Her mindset and dedication towards the students of LCN will carry her through the year easily.