Rising prices

Gas station

Chris Waechter ’13

Sports Editor


   Everyone who drives knows the gut-wrenching feeling of standing at the gas station, painfully observing the dollars pile up while pumping fuel into the car. Gas prices are soaring near an all time high of $3.86 per gallon, for unleaded gasoline, according to AAA. With gas on the rise new drivers as well as adults are feeling the pain at the pump.

   With minimum wage being at $7.40 per hour, high school students as well as many other young drivers with jobs are feeling the effect of the price of gas.

   “My job-pay of $7.50 an hour spending around $60 every time I fill up my tank is just not averaging out. I guess I just have to adapt and overcome,” Garrett Pace ‘13 said.

   High School students who drive to school, work, and other places have to buy gas to get to where they need to go. They are entirely dependent on the gas, so they have to spend much of their pay checks on gasoline.

   “It costs me $60 to fill up my car and that’s a solid right hours of work to buy a weeks worth of gas,” Jason Davis ’13 said.

   The average American uses up 500 gallons of gas per year, according to greenanswers.com. In 2002, the average price of gasoline in theUnited Stateswas $1.15 per gallon. In 2012, gas is projected to average almost $4 per gallon according to AAA. With current average price of gas, the typical American spends approximately $2,000 annually for fuel in their automobile.

   In addition to students being affected by the gas prices, most adults have to endure the financial toll associated with the rise in gasoline prices.

   “It’s double what it was last year and it is cutting into my income,” Marketing teacher Joe Naniewicz said, “I have to buy it because I need to get to get to the school and other places I need to go.”

   High gas prices are mainly due to trouble in theMiddle East. There is a blockade in the Straights of Hormuz by the country ifIranand this straight flows one fifth of our world’s oil, according to Forbes. Also, there are political uprisings inSudan,NigeriaandYemenwho hold much of our world’s oil as well, according to Forbes.

   Needless to say, everyone will eventually own a car and are going to have to fill their tanks with gas. With the soaring prices of gas these days, the pain at the pump will continue until something is done to stop the high gas prices.