Sammy Adams is COOL


Jacob Pallach ‘13

Photo Editor


   Sammy Adams’s personality is truly reflected in his new mixtape, “OK COOL.”

   Samuel Wisner, known by his stage name Sammy Adams, is a musician whose popularity is growing rapidly. This past summer, he released a mixtape called “OK COOL.”

   According to recent interviews,Adamsstarted out by making beats in his college dorm room and was experimenting with beats when he came across the beat to Asher Roth’s “I Love College.” He remixed it, ultimately releasing the future viral song, “I Hate College (Remix).” In late 2007,Adamssigned his first major label, Sony RCA. Recently, he has been featured in Enrique Iglesias’ hit song “Finally Found You,” which hit iTunes on September 25. It hit the top charts on iTunes the day it was released.

  Adams’ second pre-album, “OK COOL,” has 15 songs on it, all of which have influences of rap, hip-hop, pop and electronic music.Adamshas done a wonderful job making music of his own flavor that keeps the listener interested.

   As a huge fan of his music, this mixtape is hard to dislike. The only song that isn’t as enjoyable as all the others is “Only One,” which is a JAYCEEOH remix of the original song. JAYCEEOH is the DJ/producer of the mixtape. The original version of “Only One” is much better and has a more pop-oriented beat sound than this cover. The rest of the mixtape is filled with outstanding music that keeps the listener entertained.

   “OK COOL” is one of the best mixtapes released this summer. I would definitely take the time to download this free offering. I rate this effort 5 out of 5 stars.