Scarefest, minus the scary

Trevor Frye

Reviews Editor


   Spotlights light up the dark night sky. The parking lot is filled. Anxious people are lined up out the door.ScarefestScreamParkhas opened its doors for the Halloween season.

   When going to a haunted house, everyone wants to experience that feeling of terror that is anticipated when going into it. The anticipation sometimes is the scariest part, which shouldn’t be the case.

  ScarefestScreamParkis located on28 Mile Roadand Gratiot. The park is massive has four haunted attractions. The attractions include: The Hayride of Doom, The Forest of Darkness, The Dead End Terror Zone Maze, and The Castle of the Dead. The Castle of the Dead is Scarefest’s main attraction. The cost of the haunted house is $15.

   The feelings one would feel after going through the house are not the same as anticipated going into it. Gage Mazzetti ’13 was outraged that he wasted his money on this attraction.

   “It wasn’t even scary. I could’ve went to the movies or something that would last longer. It was short and it was a waste of my money,” said Mazzetti.

   The attraction recently opened for this year. It opens before many other haunted houses in the area so it received a lot of business.

   My experience wasn’t the greatest. There weren’t many scares and there was long gaps between the different scenes or actors that would pop out at you. It seemed like they didn’t take their time setting up the house and there was a lot of space that was not being used.

   Jessy Jones ’13 went to the haunted house and believes that it could be better.

   “The place just opened so they could just be getting used to their jobs. They might be tweaking the house so that it can be scarier for later in the month,” said Jones.

   There are many other haunted houses to choose from in the area including: The Haunted Farm of Terror in Lenox, Blake’s Cider Mill in Romeo, Slaughtered at Sundown in Romeo, and the famous Erebus Haunted House in Pontiac.

   Before making any judgments before going into a haunted house, one must experience it for themselves. I give this haunted house 2 stars out of 5. My experience wasn’t the best at Scarefest, but it can always get better. So don’t knock it until you try it!