Summer construction improves building

Jenna Alred ’13 & Lizzie Vanlergerghe ’13


The bond money being spent over the summer for changes in the school has created many advantages to LCN, but not without creating many controversies. Students are a little uneasy, while teachers seem pretty content. Overall, everyone has something positive to say about the summer construction.

“I think they made some nice renovations,” Nick Ivone ’13 states. “I like what they did on the gym floor, I think of Dave Jackson every time I’m in gym class now.” Some students aren’t as satisfied with the changes. Sean Koski ’14 says, “I think they should have made more changes to the school. The lockers upstairs are a little crowded.” Whether you like it or not, over the summer our school was renovated with a new gym floor, freshly painted walls and stairs, a changed layout of the second story, and an altered cafeteria. Megan Barr ’13 puts in her two cents, stating “I think they could have changed the school differently. The top and bottom lockers are a little harder to get into than the old ones,” Megan Barr explains as a student who suffers from the affliction of a bottom locker.

Principal Greg Dixon said, “The bond money is used specifically for improvements, and it takes a long time to get the requests approved. Everything that was done to the school was authorized 10 years ago. It was all pre-planned, based on what the voters approved.” He claimed he personally likes the changes, and thinks they are huge improvements to the school.

Mark Mignot, a history teacher, agreed with Dixon.

“The changes were nice, but they can only spend in certain ways, so they were limited.” Out of all the discussion that is going on about the subject, most will agree that the changes were for the better.