Welcome to the world of Journalism

Jessie DiBattista



   Byline, mug shot, sidebar, lead, cover story, feature story, reviews, opinions, news stories, and captions. All have different meanings, but they are all connected and intertwined in what makes the journalistic world so unique.

   At LCN, Journalism is offered as an English credit. Within the course of one year students will learn different styles of writing including: feature, news, opinion, review, and sports, all of which are styles that would go in an actual newspaper. Also, Jounalism takes students behind layout a software called Adobe InDesign, which is a page layout computer program, which incorporates pictures and captions.

   “I think Journalism offers a different style of writing, as well as a different type of reading (non-fiction) than other English courses,” Journalism teacher Kim Kozian said.

Regular English classes at LCN focus on argumentation writing; however, Journalism gives students many different styles and does not focus on just one.

   “I took Journalism as a junior, “Kent Donajkowski ‘12 said, “then I decided to take Newspaper, it was a great class.” By taking Journalism students have a free pass to take Writing for Publications or Publications, which also count’s English credits. 

   While Journalism is offered as an English credit at LCN, not all universities consider it as such. 

   “They are looking for a well-rounded student in classic literature and essay writing,”

Kozian said, “even though some colleges do not look as Journalism as an English credit the class has shown to help students prepare for the ACT style of writing’

Many students double up on English while taking Journalism

   “I really didn’t like the class itself, but it taught me how to write and ACT paper,” Kayla Bommarito ’14 said.

   As many know, the ACT is very important. Taking a class like Journalism may be beneficial to some students. In Journalism grammar is stressed, and is taught throughout the year.

   “Students do a lot of grammar to perfect their work,” Kozian said, “as well as a lot of peer editing on each piece.”

    Journalism could possibly help the errors in order to make English essays better.

   As the Journalism class remains an option at LCN the choice is on the student whether or not to take the class.