Basketball Season Preview


Alexis Carlson ’13

Opinions Editor

   Go big or go home was the motto that both the LCN’s girls and boys basketball teams went by during last year’s season. It shinned a bright light on LCN’s basketball program for years to come. After such great success of both teams last year, how will this year go? Will pressure from the school, fans, and opponents take a toll; or will they battle it out to the end?

   For both varsity teams, the beginning of the 2011-12 season went as any season would: practice, practice, practice. With the right amount of effort and dedication, they had the potential to make it as far as they did right from the very start. Both teams were on the road to success, and nothing was going to stop them.  

   The Varsity Girl’s Basketball Team finished the season with a 14-9 record, and for the first time in school history, won the league and district championship titles.

   “The girls worked and fought as hard as they could last year, and accomplished very much. Practices and games were never easy, but the girls pushed through it and really came together as a team,” Girls Varsity Coach Bob Johnston said.

   The Varsity Boy’s Basketball team finished the season with a 22-5 record, the MAC Red championship title, the district championship title, the regional championship title, and made it all the way to the MHSAA final four where they played atMichiganStatesBreslinCenter.

   “From the start, the boys knew we had the potential to be really good, but we never would have gotten that far if they hadn’t worked so hard all season. The boys were committed to themselves and the team; they wanted the win more than anything,” Boys Varsity Basketball Coach Jay Seletsky said.

   As the 2012-13 season quickly approaches, many try to predict the outcome of the season; however, team members already have a pretty clear mindset on where they plan on taking the season.

   Marisa Oleksiak ’13, (captain of the Varsity Girls Basketball team), said, “I see us going far this year and doing really well. Although we lost a lot of our scoring percentage when the seniors graduated last year we’ve gotten stronger in other aspects of the game, and that’s what will carry us through.”

   Tyler Conklin ’13, (captain of the Varsity Boys basketball team), said, “As long as we can keep our heads straight and don’t get too ahead of ourselves, I think we’ll do just as good as and even better than we did last year. I plan on playing at that state championship game alongside my team.”

   Much is to be expected of the boy’s team this winter. A majority of the starting line-up was juniors; the high number returning could bring high amounts of pressure.

   “Having so many juniors returning to the team as seniors this year isn’t so much a pressure cooker, but more of a great opportunity for us as a team. We can use the skill and dedication to put us back on top again this year,” Said Seletsky.

   With high expectations comes a need for support. Neither team can do nearly as great as they did last year without the support of their fans and LCN’s student section.

   Ashley Lech ’13, (leader of the student section) said, “The team needs us at every game this year; they can’t do it without us! I better see everyone there so we can have the biggest student section and cheer them on to victory.”

   “Do it for DJ!” was a cheer heard at every game after LCN’s former principal Dave Jackson, passed away last February. His passing not only brought the school together, but the team as well. It pushed the boys to do the best that they could do, because it made the game about more than just a drive for success, but an effort of remembrance of the man who reached out to so many.

   In remembrance and celebration of the life of Jackson, LCN will be hosting the “Dave Jackson Tip-Off Classic” on December 15th. This will be a day-long activity featuring all of the schools where Mr. Jackson touched the hearts of students, including LCHS,Richmond, and Cardinal Mooney. All proceeds will be donated to the Dave Jackson Memorial Fund which will then award one student at each of the four participating high schools a $1,000 Character Scholarship.

   “We decided to do the Dave Jackson Tip-Off Classic this year because we know how Mr. Jackson impacted the lives of so many and we strive to push people to follow in his footsteps. The Dave Jackson Memorial Fund allows us to reward those who learned from the examples he set years ago,” Seletsky said.

   Basketball meant a lot to Mr. Jackson, and he would have wanted to see everyone to come out and support both the boys and girls teams as they go for another victorious season.