Dedications honor former principals

Brittiny Shepherd ‘13

Business Manager
   Former principals Tom Denewith and Dave Jackson have done many great things for LCN. Now LCN is showing its support in giving back by engraving their remembrance into the school too carry on their legacies forever.
   Two years ago, the commons was just a door and now it is a giant space where students can socialize, eat lunch, and relax.
   The commons dedication ceremony was held on November 7, 2012, for former principal Tom Denewith, and was named The Denewith Commons.
   “Mr. Denewith, who I had the fortune of working for, was one of the best leaders of leading people that I have been around,” teacher Bob Johnston said. “His care and concern for all people involved at High School-North was tremendous.”
   Dr. Greg Dixon said Denewith was the longest- serving principal here with over 20 years. He was very student-centered and helped to create the positive atmosphere students enjoy here.
   The commons was built for the students, and because Denewith always put students first, naming the commons after him was a great choice.
   “It is a great honor for him and one that has been long overdue. He was an excellent principal and a huge reason why I am working in this district right now. He also always put kids first and his decisions were always based on the kids,” social studies teacher Scott Boice said.

  Social studies teacher Rebecca Humphrey agreed.
   “I love Mr. Denewith, he was a great principal and I owe my job at LCN to him. I was hired while he was principal,” Humphrey said.  Even though most current students do not know Mr. Denewith, they knew Mr. Jackson, and Mr. Denewith was like Mr. Jackson. He definitely deserves to have the commons named after him. ”
    The gym, home too many of Crusader Nation’s triumphant athletes, will be dedicated to former Principal Dave Jackson, and is now named The Jackson Gymnasium.
   “Both of the past principals are excellent choices. Mr. Jackson, because basketball was such a big part of his life, and he was so instrumental in establishing Crusader Nation,” Dixon said.
   Jackson was an athlete, coach, educator and mentor with 38 years of experience in education.
   “They could not have picked a better example as a coach and educator. He was a great role model to many people and it is appropriate naming the gym after him,” Johnston said.
   This dedication will affect many students and teachers because they know him.
   “It was a heartbreaking moment in time when Crusader Nation lost Principal Jackson, last year. Mr. Jackson was one of those guys who cared wholeheartedly about the whole school not just the school as a whole, but every single person as an individual,” Sam Beccari ’13 said.
    Jackson loved all sports, but considering he was a former basketball coach, it is easy to say that he loved basketball the most.
   “I feel that Crusader Nation has showed pride towards the beloved man that is dearly missed not only by staff, but students as well,” Sarunas Cowell ’13 said.
   Beccari agreed.
   “Before we lost one of the most important people LCN has ever known, he instilled in everyone how much giving back means,” Beccari said.
   The gym will be dedicated at the Dave Jackson Tip-Off Classic on December 15, 2012.
   According toDixon, the names were selected by a committee formed by the Board of Education as a result of their service to LCN.