Dixon commissions song for Crusader Nation

Homecoming 037

Trevor Frye

Reviews Editor


   During the months of October and November, LCN principal Greg Dixon, worked with a recording studio inLondon,Englandto produce a song for LCN.

   The song is entitled “Crusader Nation”. This song was created to show the school’s sense of pride. The artist who sings the song is Lucus Jones fromLondon,England.Dixoncame across an ad on the internet from Gumtree.com. The ad said “inexpensive male vocalist will remix any song.”

  Dixontook it into his own hands to purchase the rights to the song “Seven Nation Army” by The White Sripes and to have the artist write a song LCN. It was done at a low cost of only $250.

  Dixon, with help from others, wrote the lyrics in order to show pride for LCN. The song describes North as “home” showing that students all have a commonality and something students can all connect with.

   The song was remixed over “Seven Nation Army” by The White Stripes, a very recognizable song.Dixonchose this song because many students know it and are familiar with the distinctive beat.

   While writing the song,Dixonwanted to make sure he didn’t offend anyone and he wanted to use it to bring the students together.

   “This is one of the few things that I, as a principal, can do that affect students building- wide. I wanted to establish a connection between the whole student body,” saidDixon.

   When he was finished with the lyrics,Dixonsent them to the recording studio inLondon. The whole process took about a week until the final product was ready. Dixon was surprised with how well it turned out.

   “I am very happy with the final product. There were some parts where the man’s accent was heard in the song, but it’s very faint so I don’t want him to go through the trouble to fix it,” he said.

   The song hasn’t been played for the entire student body yet, but some of the students have heard a preview of the song. Chris Nowak ’13 heard it before many other students.

   “The song is kind of cool because it says Crusader Nation in it. Not many other schools can say they have a song about them that was produced by a recording studio,” said Nowak.

   The objective of the song is to give students something to connect to each other with and to bring the student body together. Hopefully, many students enjoy the song and embrace it with open arms.