Nike apparel hits school store

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Chris Waechter ’13

Sports Editor


   LCN’s school store is dead right now. As one looks around, all they see is a plethora of dated and older LCN hoodies, sweat pants, shorts, t-shirts and more. Now that the cookie sales have moved into the commons verses inside the actual store, few students venture into the store to look at the current apparel.

   Marketing teacher Joseph Naniewicz is in charge of LCN’s school store and runs it along with the new school store class that was first introduced last year.

   “Our store was just moved from the commons to the cafeteria this year and we had to spend some time getting it set up before we focused on our sales,” Naniewicz said.

   Naniewicz, along with the marketing business operations class, recently ordered the new Nike apparel with LCN colors and logos, according to Naniewicz.

   “We target-marketed rooms around the school and found that the students would really like the apparel and would purchase it,” Naniewicz said.  

   However, the percentage of high school students that have a job right now is only at 16 percent according to The Washington Times. With many students that do not have a lot of money, the selling point is how much the new apparel will cost.

   “The hoodies will be $45 and the t-shirts that say “OUR HOUSE” on them will be 18 dollars,” Naniewicz said.

   However, the students are the ones that are going to influence the sales of the new apparel in the end. Most students buy name brand clothing such as Hollister, Aeropostle, Abercrombie and Fitch and Nike clothes according to so as a result, sales should increase.

   “I think more students are going to buy it because more people like Nike stuff,” Jason Davis ’13 said.

   But some students believe that the cost of the new Nike clothes will be too high.

   “Not a lot of students will buy the new apparel because they will be concerned with the price and not too many people have the money to spend on clothing,” Jacob Northup ’13 said.

   Regardless of the price and the demand from the students, the purpose of ordering the new apparel is for the school store students to learn how to manage a business.

   “The students in business operations/school store class are learning the correct way of running a business,” Naniewicz said.

   The school store will have the new apparel in late November or sometime December according to Naniewicz.

   “We project our sales to be high so it will increase our profits and we’ll be able to purchase newer and better Nike apparel for the school store,” Naniewicz said.