Teachers grow beards for charity


Vinnie Scarpaci ’13


As LCN enters the autumn month of November, the leaves are falling, the temperature is dropping, and the memory of homecoming is becoming just a faint memory. But there is something else even more spectacular happening in the school. That something is called No Shave November.

   This year Link Crew is hosting a charity event to help raise money for the L’Anse Creuse Foundation. The premise is that the staff and students will donate money to the teacher that they want to see grow a beard in the month of November.

   Each participant will have a beard coach. Each beard grower and coach will have a can in their room so that any student or staff member can simply walk in and donate! The money donated, in turn, will determine which participant will continue growing their beard.

   Every week, Link leaders will count the amount of money is in each can; whoever has the least amount will be out of the contest and will have to shave their beard.

   Each beard grower and beard coach will be competing against others through out the entire month.

   The proceeds from the event will go to the L’Anse Creuse Foundation, which is a foundation to help fund special projects for classes, and students throughout the district.

   Many beard growers feel that with the amount of participation the event has brought in, that there will be an immense amount of competition. Some teachers even feel that some students will give participants a run for their money when it comes to the actual beard growing.

   “I feel that out of everyone participating, Rob Nolan [13] could grow a much more powerful beard than mine,” said LCN German teacher, and participant, James Ekdahl.

   Nearly every staff member at LCN is participating in the charity event in some way. Ekdahl, Scotty Light, Wayne Cook, Jason Hubbard, and even Principle Greg Dixon are willing to throw away their razors for the month for a good cause.

   “At this point, growing a beard comes easy for me, and I’ll do anything for charity. This is just a chance for me to show off my beard growing skills and raise money for our school” said Cook.

    With most of the staff and students participating, No Shave November is expected to be one of the biggest charitable events the school has ever put on. After November 1st, the faces will no longer be baby smooth for the month of November. Anyone is welcome to vote for their favorite teacher to win.

No Shave November Contestants:

Greg Dixon, Brett Coron, Andrew Mikolajczak, Darrel Johnson, Jason Hubbard, Jay Seletsky, Jed Jones, James Ekdal, Keith Coris, Mike Owensby, Joe Naniewicz, Joe Poliowicz, Jordan Belfior, Michael Turner, Peter Doroh, Scott Light, Vince Pipia, Wayne Cook and Chris Duke.