1 in 2000: LCN alumnus returns to classroom

Hannah Shier ‘14

Opinions Editor

Math teacher Jed Jones helps a student with his work.

Math teacher Jed Jones helps a student with his work.

Picture your favorite math teacher being your age as a student. Imagine him sitting next to you in class. That’s right, LCN’s very own Jed Jones, Algebra 1 and 2 teacher, was a student at North just like the rest of us. He sat through the same classes as everyone does, walked down the same halls, and passed the same classrooms every day.

At the time, Jones did not know that he wanted to be a teacher. Especially a teacher at the same high school he had graduated from.

“I came back to North because it is in a good school district. I also thought I could be a good role model to students that are going through the same exact things I went through as a student here,” Jones said.

Not only does Jones already have numerous responsibilities on his plate as a high school teacher, a full-time dad, and full-time husband, but also he is the junior varsity girls basketball coach and the varsity boys tennis coach.

“I love the aspect of student athletes. I love how they process in class, but also how they process on the field and/or court,” Jones said.

Cara Smith ’15, a former player and starter on Jones’ team, said, “He was a great coach! He helped me so much with my basketball skills. He put in extra time with me after school. He would go above, beyond and out of his way to help me and the other players out which I appreciated.”

The 2012-13 season was his first year as head coach of the JV team. He was very successful, and he is looking forward to the upcoming winter season.

Another thing to add to his long list of accomplishments: Jones is the new varsity boys tennis coach.

“I played on the team in high school. I wanted to coach with my mom since she coached the JV team, and I wanted to relive my dreams,” he said.

Jones said he would coach tennis until he gets fired!

Blake Kwiecinski ’16, a player on the tennis team, said, “He’s a really funny guy. He is more like a friend than a coach. He’s connected to his team, and I’m for sure coming back next year and have him be my coach.”

Jones is looking forward to seeing his young team improve over the next three to four years and go all the way to state.

Overall, Jones is truly one of a kind. He was a student at the same high school where he is now teaching and coaching. He juggles everyday challenges effortlessly. He has done it all.

Jones’ future here is bright, and he is looking forward to many phenomenal school years, as well as basketball and tennis seasons to come.