Can the music you listen to describe your personality?

Cordero MacNear ‘14

Entertainment Editor

Music is believed to be part of one’s life; without music, life would be incomplete. Some people feel that listening to a certain genre of music coincides with a person’s personality. Whether writers compose music for fun, for films, or for the world to listen to, it is all interpreted in a different way by many different people.

Beethoven’s “Fifth Symphony,” for example, can be recognized as an intimidating theme, and can be heard in various locations, such as on “Judge Judy.” The symphony can also be played in other clips such as those with a historical theme. Although, not everyone listens to Beethoven on a daily basis. So does listening to classical music describe a person’s personality as society might view it? Is a person who listens to classical music intimidating?

“Not at all,” Jacob Minter ‘14 said. “It’s just like me eating cantaloupe. That doesn’t mean I have characteristics of a cantaloupe.”

Minter enjoys listening to rap music, and has no interest in classical.

“I listen to hip-hop,” Kevin Olszewski ’16 said, “…I don’t really act ‘hip’.”

Olszewski would describe himself as a band geek.

It is also common for society to place people who listen to a particular genre of music into different cliques. Minter and Olszewski are two completely different people, Minter is not in band and tends to have hip characteristics with hip styles; Olszewski does not dress hip.

“People stereotype, like with rock [music], people are viewed as being mean and rap is dirty and has swear words,” Brandon Messina ’17 said.

Tyler Latta ’15 enjoys listening to dub-step but plays the alto saxophone; and would like to continue playing the alto saxophone throughout college. Latta believes that pop music is very popular and would imagine if everyone listened to pop music, the world would be very party-like and unstable – at least that is the way he views it.

Many psychologists believe that not only listening to certain genres of music, but particular aspects of music, such as the bass line, could surprisingly reveal things about personality. Psychologists say those who tend to listen to classical music usually have a higher IQ.

The next time you put a playlist together for yourself, consider how your personality might be reflected in your music.