Filling out college applications requires time, effort

Connor Carbary ‘14 fills out a common college application online. The common application is used by more than 400 colleges.

Connor Carbary ‘14 fills out a common college application online. The common application is used by more than 400 colleges.

Breanna Previdi ‘14

Business Manager

As senior year approaches and all of the twelfth graders are anticipating graduation day, a long list of preparations for the future slowly creep into each student’s mind. They may not know it, but the school year comes to an end faster than expected and with sporting events, prom, and even graduation, the last thing on a senior’s to-do list is to begin applying to colleges.

Seniors constantly comment on how much time and effort is necessary for college applications and the complications they may run into.

Picking the “top colleges” to attend and making sure every grade and ACT score is pristine enough can be extremely stressful, depending on the person, on top of current school work and keeping up with grades.

Spencer Palm ’14 said, “Yes, applying for colleges can definitely be stressful. Making sure my ACT score and all of my grades were accurate enough to apply is a timely process that may take hours to do. It can also be stressful because I had to make sure all of the information on the application was correct; applying for colleges is not as easy as I thought.”

Often students find themselves having trouble with applications for college. In order to achieve a perfect application, students use many resources such as online guides, parents, teachers, or even counselors.

Ann Merkel, a counselor, gave many tips and assistance to help the seniors get ready for the process.

“We [the counselors] give out a lot of information to the students in order to point them towards resources online. Most students can handle applying for colleges themselves, but if not, us counselors mostly troubleshoot and give them several step-by-step guidelines,” Merkel said.

As each year comes and goes, technology grows along with everything else in society. College applications have advanced each enrollment period and are made for a more efficient way to apply. Many people that applied to college 10-plus years ago did not have the conveniences this generation has for college applications. Several teachers at LCN applied to college in different ways other than online.

Chemistry teacher Sara Strozewski explained, “When I applied to college there was no common application; every college had its own app. There also was no online application, which sometimes made it difficult to write out every detail on specific lines. Overall, the information was the same in terms of activities involved in [school]. Also, not every application had essays to write.”


Each college asks an enrolling student several questions to maintain a personal background. A college application may take a long time depending on the series of questions given to each person.


This particular part of the application is not the only part that takes time and effort.


Abby LaPorte ’14 described the steps a college application may have.


“Each college I have applied to so far contains so many sections. There are sections for personal information, such as birth date and your address, the activities I am involved in and outside of school, and even a section that makes everyone write an essay. College applications take longer than I expected, just because of the amount of things you fill out,” LaPorte said.


The deadlines for college applications are approaching faster than expected. With the amount of work that has to go into each application, and the stress it can bring, the class of 2014 should attempt to start applying to colleges as soon as possible.