Coverage adds to fans’ disappointment


Jessie DiBattista ‘14


Copy Editor


As Miley Cyrus takes the stage, fans await excitedly for their favorite artist to perform. Cyrus’ song comes on, and the whole building starts to sing along; however, reactions change quickly and the faces in the crowd change from excited to confused in a matter of seconds.

Cyrus is one among many to start her career on Disney Channel, but as time progressed, Cyrus’ “good girl” image started to fade. Recently, Cyrus’ new single, “We Can’t Stop” shocked the nation as her “more mature” appearance started to shine through. Not long after, Cyrus performed at the VMAs showing off her skinny body and fierce attitude. This has left a terrible influence on teens all over America. Cyrus, however, is not the only one to try to change her image.

As celebrities grow older, they feel the need to change their image to a more “mature” attitude. However, examples including Cyrus, Justin Bieber, and the Kardashians show no maturity what-so-ever. I think Cyrus is one among many to represent a cry for attention. Even though she claims that her music sends a deep message, her appearances are only to show that she has “grown up.” This could affect teens at home because watching their role models act foolishly can ultimately lead them to act foolishly.

Personally, I love Miley Cyrus, and her music has catchy beats and fun lyrics, but that doesn’t give her a right to act out in such a nasty way on national televison. Not only Cyrus, but also heartthrob Bieber is yet another example of a celebrity who has broken free from a rather childish image. Bieber’s new album, “Believe,” features artists for a more mature audience in an attempt to show his older side, not to mention Bieber’s other immature outbursts that he has done to attract attention.

The Kardashians also has the media representing them as a mature family when really, they’re the complete opposite. This family has an entertaining TV show; however, the media sets them up to be role models to younger children and mothers.

I think that the media should not portray these celebrities as such icons because there is nothing mature or important about them, and in all honesty their outbursts and crazy performances leave many of us confused and wondering ‘why?’

Now I understand that entertainment plays an important role in Hollywood; however, I do not think that the media needs to put celebrities up on a pedestal. Also, the music and film industries are very competitive, and every artist wants to be remembered and get their name out there, but acting in such an obnoxious way on stage does not help them get remembered in a positive way.

“Every artist wants to make history,” Cyrus said in a MTV interview, “People are over thinking about it.”

Even though Cyrus said she wanted to make history I still think that she is ultimately exposing herself so people will know she is not Hannah Montana anymore. I understand that performances like these leave teenagers at home thinking, ‘what will happen next’, but that doesn’t make any of it acceptable.

Lady Gaga is another artist that is known for her outrageous stage performances that created history. With her crazy costumes and insane dances Gaga uses her ‘unusual’ image to let her voice be heard. I respect these artists for trying to get their names out there, although I do not respect the media for showcasing their “crazy” actions for ratings.

Lastly, the media broadcasting these celebrities more and more frequently prevents teenagers and other viewers from focusing on other important issues such as the news, and the worst part of it all is that the media doesn’t even like these celebrities; all they want is kids to watch them to increase ratings, so they can make more money. These celebrities are distractions for teens that are going through high school; It is still entertaining to watch who does what. It is just not right to praise them for their actions or keep talking about their “big move.”

As time goes on, former celebrities will fade and new ones will enter the playing field; however, media will never stop praising and loving the new drama that each artist holds in their voice. As Miley Cyrus takes the stage, fans await excitingly to see the stunning history that is about to take place.