Homecoming vs. prom

Similar events or much different?


Sammi Pleiness ‘14

Cover Editor


Dancing, dates, dresses, OH MY! 

You’re probably thinking: what is she even talking about? Well, for all of you that don’t already know, our high school has a homecoming dance near the beginning of the year. I have attended every homecoming throughout my years at LCN, and with each dance, my anticipation has grown more and more for one of the very special nights during your senior year… prom! Although everyone doesn’t get a chance to experience prom before their senior year, I was able to go during my junior year and experience the event first-hand.

What comes to mind when you hear the word, ‘homecoming’? I think about driving up into the school with an average-looking car, dancing in the jam-packed gym, and struggling to find a place to eat that will even take a reservation for 20 or more.

Just like prom, students get a chance to show everyone their amazing taste and good looks. Most of the girls tend to wear short dresses, and the guys usually wear dress pants and a shirt with suspenders.

Along with that, most people go to homecoming without a date. It’s not needed and I always have more fun going with just a big group of my friends anyway (see related story on page 18).

Lastly, homecoming includes all grades, and there isn’t anything wrong with that, except the fact that it gets too crowded and it is extremely hot in the gym which is not fun.

With that being said, prom features a totally different environment. A major part of prom is not having the dance at LCN; attendees get a chance to spend a night out at a fancy hall that gets all decorated to go along with the prom theme.

Another special thing about prom is that the guys plan these extravagant ways to ask a girl to prom, whether it’s in front of the lunch room or even at a soccer game. It soon becomes a challenge among the guys to see who can outdo one another.

The dresses and dress shirts from homecoming to prom are completely different; they become more formal. Most of the girls find the biggest, brightest, most poofy dresses they can possibly find and the guys will wear a full tuxedo at prom.

You can’t forget the ride to prom. People try to make this night as memorable as it possibly could be, so most of the seniors rent either a limo or an extremely expensive car, such as a Cadillac.

Lastly, the only downfall to prom is the amount of money that a person may spend. Dresses cost more, the ticket is more expensive, and other essentials add up. Based on my experience last year, it is all worth it in the end.

There are pros and cons to both events, where homecoming is less expensive and more of a group event and where prom is more expensive, more formal, and is also the last dance the seniors get to share together.

Everyone has his/her own preference about which one is more appealing, but my personal favorite is prom.