Horsing around

Equestrian team gallops to regional competition for third time


Abigail Donahue ‘15

Feature Editor

In September, Alex Stark ’15 and several students from LCN competed against other schools with the LCN Equestrian Team at Goodells Fairgrounds. Stark saddled up her horse Grace and got ready to go into her hunt seat class.

“Hunt seat is a lot of fun. I like how elegant and how fast the horses go,” Stark said.

During equestrian team meets, there are several different classes at the show and each person on the team competes in a different class.

“I do saddle seat with my horse. I like saddle seat the best because I like how the horse carries itself,” Melanie LeDuc ’14 said.

At every meet the equestrian team attends, members collect points from the class they show in, and the top two teams with the most points go to regionals. This season the LCN equestrian team went to regionals.

“I’m excited for regionals because it’s going to be a lot of fun being with the team and competing against different horses,” Stark said.

Regionals are a big deal for LCN because this is the third year they have made it that far and hope to go even further.

“Regionals are held in Shiawassee, and I am very excited because the whole team gets to spend time together and represent LCN in front of schools that aren’t from around here,” LeDuc said.

Equestrian team is very different from most sports. Even though they are a team, their most important team member is their horse.

“I show my horses Bree and Bear in speed classes and without them I would not be who I am today,” Ellie Baguzis ’16 said.

Horses have been a big part of each team member’s life because each rider and horse has to work together. The equestrian team is very close just like any other team.

“My favorite part about equestrian team is just being with all my friends and hanging out as a team,” LeDuc said.

The team has made a lot of great memories and hopes to make even more throughout the rest of their season. At past meets the team has worked very hard to get where they are now.

“This was my first year on the equestrian team and I am very excited for regionals. I hope the team does even better than they did in their meets and maybe even make it to the next level which is states,” Breana Nead ’15 said.

Both coaches and team members feel that they could make it to states which would be the farthest the equestrian team has ever gone if the whole team works hard.

“I think the team will do very well. We have been a very strong team all season and we definitely have the potential to make it past regionals. It is going to be hard work but if everyone practices hard, we can do it,” Coach Linda LeDuc said.

The LCN Equestrian Team poses for a picture in front of the Shiawassee County Fair at Regionals.

The LCN Equestrian Team poses for a picture in front of the Shiawassee County Fair at Regionals.