iOS 7 enhances iPhone


Zach Gregarek ‘14


It is pretty safe to say that Apple has dominated the cell phone industry and most likely will continue to do so for many years to come due to its genius product, the iPhone. Apple continues to amaze consumers with new software updates, and the production of new phones every year or two. On September 18, 2013, Apple release yet another update, iOS 7.

Some may still wonder what iOS 7 is or what it does but once downloaded, users won’t be disappointed. Since the first iPhone debuted in 2007, Apple has released a new software update that comes stock on the newest model phone. Updates are usually released in late summer or early fall, which is a few days before the new iPhone is released. This year, Apple has taken the iOS update to a whole new level.

“I like it way more than iOS 6. I just like the overall look and feel so much more,” said Sydni Bollitier ’14.

Many changes were made with the newest software, from the lock screen to how users browse the internet, and even as simple as how the apps and icons look. I feel as if Apple is trying to achieve a cartoonish yet futuristic look by the way it looks and how the apps fly in from the sides when unlocked.

“My favorite part of the update is Safari. I really like how the tabs took and how you scroll through them vertically. It is just a super sweet looking feature,” Jared Steinacker ‘14 said.

By downloading iOS 7 the entire phone gets a makeover; almost every single feature looks different. Turning the phone off, texting, calling, weather, and the app store, just to name a few, all have a new feel to them!

“I am so happy it finally released. I was waiting for weeks. The only bad thing I have experienced was getting it to download. It showed an error message at least five times before it went through, but overall I love it!” said Becca Sikowski ‘14.

Some find downloading the new software will crash their phone or make it slow and laggy. I did not experience this. There is a slight chance of the phone crashing but as long as users have all their music, pictures, and contacts backed up on their computer they have absolutely nothing to worry about.

The only reason the iOS update was taking so long to download was because many iPhone owners were trying to download it the second it released. I waited until later that night after everyone had already got it, and downloaded it with ease.

Overall, I think it is a fantastic update and well worth the wait; Apple never seems to disappoint. Everything looks so advanced and is much more detailed than the previous version; it may be a little confusing at first but as long as you take a second to sit down and get to know how to use the new features, you’ll be perfectly fine!

I would rate this a update a five out of five due to the new design and all of the new features!

“Every time Apple releases a new iOS, the features and things you can do just keep getting better. I can’t even imagine what future iOS’s will be like,” said Zack Kazyak ‘14.