Is Halloween your style?

Paige Zaziski ‘14

Photo Editor


High school students figure out whether to dress up for Halloween or not


Many people think it’s childish to dress up for Halloween, and go trick or treating with friends. But some other people believe that Halloween is the most fun holiday of the year. Who doesn’t love free candy?

While some students of LCN keep the Halloween spirit alive, others left it behind in middle school.

Tara Koth ’14 said, “I still go trick or treating, I’m not going to turn down free candy!”

Most kids who receive the free candy have to dress up. Otherwise, parents and candy givers will be crabby.

“I would dress up as Pooh Bear because I love Pooh Bear,” said Kailee Teed ’14.

Teed would get candy from LCN’s painting teacher, Jennifer Duffield, because she dressed up.

“I think it’s perfectly fine if you dress up. I went when I was in college. But, if you’re in a hoodie and pants, I’m going to give you a hard time,” said Duffield.

But science teacher Carrie Zaitz believes kids in high school are too old to dress up.

“No, it’s silly. I do recommend taking your siblings. But, parties are okay to dress up for,” Zaitz said.

Although dressing up for trick or treating may be frowned upon, parties are a different situation.

Science teacher Kristen Cote said, “Unless you’re going to a party, it’s ridiculous when you’re at that age and you’re dressing up.”

For the spirited students at LCN, they already have their costumes planned. Tarek Paul ’15 plans on being Batman because he’s pretty fast. The categories of Halloween costumes basically fall into normal, scary, funny, or serious costumes.

Connor Carbary ’14 said, “I’m going to be Hannah Montana because she inspires me.”

There are also people who plan on being something scary.

“I want to be a skeleton, that way I can scare little kids,” Scott Blanton ’14 said.

What will you dress up as on October 31? Happy Halloween, LCN!