MSU – U/M rivalry heats up


Jake Carriveau ‘14


Sports Editor


Everyone in Michigan knows that the biggest college football game of the year is taking place November 2, and will be played between the University of Michigan Wolverines and the Michigan State University Spartans. The fall showdown is one of the most anticipated games of the season for both teams.

The Wolverines won the game last year by a score of 12-10. They pack a huge punch defensively and their offense is capable of scoring on every drive. The Spartans’ defense is very good but their offense is struggling this year.

The Wolverines, commonly referred to as ‘big brother,’ have too many offensive weapons and defensive threats to suffer a defeat at the hands of ‘little brother,’ Michigan State. Michigan has had its struggles over the past few seasons but it all seems to be coming together now.

Math teacher and Michigan alumna Alyssa Arden said, “U of M is on a comeback. They were having some problems but now it seems like they’re doing everything right.”

The Wolverines are, indeed, doing everything right. According to ESPN Recruiting Nation, Michigan was twelfth overall in the number of incoming freshmen recruited to play football. Among them were 17 four-star prospects. It hasn’t gone unnoticed by Michigan fans that Michigan State’s offense is practically nonexistent this season.

“MSU’s offense is just awful. I could do better than that,” Derrick Croce ’14 said. According to ESPN, Michigan State’s offense has only 102 points, compared to Michigan’s 128. In Michigan State’s week two against University of South Florida State’s defense was responsible for 14 of their points. It is also hasn’t gone unnoticed by Michigan fans that their Wolverines’ defense is playing very well.

“Michigan’s defense seems better now than it has the past few seasons. They don’t let up a lot of points and actually seem like they know what to do,” Jenna Helsing ’15 said.

With the defense playing like a Michigan defense should and Michigan State offense playing like a ‘little brother’ would, the ‘big brother’ will once again regain the Paul Bunyan Trophy during the annual competition. The Wolverines will advance the overall record of the series to 69-31-5.