New Coney on the block

Jillians 3

How does Jillian’s Coney Island stack up to its contemporaries?

Maegan Donajkowski’14


Many people in the Chesterfield area have known about Coney USA located on Gratiot just south of 23 Mile Road, but not so many people know that it is no longer Coney USA. It has been completely renovated, and I had the great pleasure of dining there.

The menu of this restaurant had a plethora of options as well as the typical Coney Island classics such as Coney dogs and cheese fries. The food was absolutely fantastic and fresh.

Everything was nice and hot, and I definitely got my money’s worth of food.

When I visited Jillian’s Coney Island, I ordered the chicken strips and french fries. Everything was incredibly fresh; I was very impressed with the food. Also, I got a lot of food for the price that I paid.

The location of Jillian’s Coney Island is perfect. There is tons of parking available, and it is extremely easy to find. It is located in a plaza, so the parking is not limited at all.

The service at Jillian’s Coney Island was phenomenal. Everyone was so friendly, and I never once had to ask for more water or silverware. My waitress frequently checked on my table and never neglected us. She was very quick and efficient, but she did not by any means rush us.

The bus boy was also great. As soon as he noticed that we were finishing our meal, he immediately came over and got rid of the empty dishes. The service people at Jillian’s Coney Island got a pretty hefty tip from me that day.

The inside of the restaurant is pretty different from how it looked when it used to be Coney USA, and almost everything in the restaurant is new. The decor is far more appealing than it was

before, done in a very modern style. There are flat screen televisions scattered around the restaurant which is very convenient for the customers’ entertainment. There is also more seating.

Overall, the restaurant was very clean. When I looked around, I did not see one single table with the remnants of the previous customers on it. It was easy to tell that the floors were frequently swept and mopped. When I went in the bathroom, everything was fully stocked, and it was very clean and fresh-smelling.

I was very impressed with Jillian’s Coney Island. The food, the service, the decor, and the cleanliness of the eatery were all impeccable. I would definitely recommend this restaurant to every one, and I will be going back for more of their delicious food and friendly service.