Orange Leaf or Menchie’s for froyo?


Adrianna Sputa ‘15


Online Editor


Orange you glad you didn’t Leaf to go to Menchies? Frozen Yogurt is no joking matter and to many, it’s one of the best desserts on the planet.

The frozen yogurt industry has grown exceptionally over the past year. Menchie’s, located on Van Dyke Road, and Orange Leaf, on 21 and Card Road, have become everyone’s go-to places for frozen yogurt. After school hours are the most chaotic at both places.

At both locations, the first thing visible is the frozen yogurt dispensers aligned on the wall. After choosing your desired flavor, you then move along to the toppings bar. There’s everything including cookie dough bites, chocolate chips, and a variety of fruit to cover your delicious frozen yogurt.

The wait in line to fill your bowl with the most popular flavor and the most exciting toppings is totally worth every minute.

Both Menchie’s and Orange Leaf have more than 50 flavors available in their franchises. Orange Leaf’s flavors are definitely more for someone who is just looking for unusual selections rather than the basic chocolate and vanilla.

  Menchie’s flavors, though, are very different, from French Toast to Grasshopper,even Eggnog. Toppings at Menchie’s are also just as exotic as its flavors, and Orange Leaf’s flavors are, well, kind of typical. There’s vanilla, strawberry, and cheesecake.

Although an abundance of flavors and toppings are great, personally my favorite part is the money I save with my Orange Leaf discount card. For every dollar spent, it’s an added point, and for every 10 points, it’s $1 off and if it’s your birthday, $3 off! Both frozen yogurt franchises have the same pricing. They both charge around 50 cents per ounce.

Now even if you’re a consistent Orange Leaf visitor, it would not hurt to go to Menchie’s one day for a change of pace or vice versa. Try new flavors! Instead of one topping, go crazy and add two! Your one-of-a-kind spoon is yours to keep if you want, but really who wouldn’t want to keep the spoon?

Frozen yogurt is a wonderful snack or dessert. Don’t miss the chance for the froyo experience! You won’t be disappointed. Just go out and enjoy!