The homecoming experience


Shellie Zamponi ‘15


Focus Editor


The homecoming experience- it’s a little different for everyone. There are the girls who dream of the magical night, the guys who are excited for the football game, and the people who are more into spirit week than those ladies who fight over a handbag on Black Friday. Opinions on homecoming can change from year to year but undoubtedly many people agree that it gets better as one gets older.

Spirit Week

The week leading up to homecoming is when the atmosphere starts to buzz. People are discussing their pre- and post-homecoming plans and spirit week weaves liveliness into LCN.

When Sarah Youngs, Geometry and ACT Prep teacher, was asked for her favorite part of homecoming, she said, “Spirit week. SPIRIT WEEK!”


The excitement from spirit week accumulates at the end of the week for Friday: the parade and football game.

“The parade was really fun because I’m in the band and I got to meet a lot of people,” Madison Marbach ’16 said.

Student Council Representative Lauren Dostert ’14 had a hard time picking her favorite part, “I kind of just like all of it. Going to the parade and setting up for the luncheon”- she explains she sets up the Senior Homecoming Court luncheon for Student Council-“And the game since everyone’s there and having a good time.”

Student Council Executive Board Secretary Carson Janssen ’14 had a hard time deciding on a particular thing she liked. She did manage to narrow it down to three things: the game, setting up and planning the dance.

For the past few years, the weather at the homecoming game has been brutal. In 2011, blankets were strewn across bleachers as snowflakes fell and the thermometer read: cold. In 2012, rain was constantly dribbling and once again it was COLD! That didn’t leave people without good opinions on the game, though.

Allie Felsner ’16 said that her favorite part of homecoming was the football game, “…because I get to see all of my friends and watch the game.”

Marina Strange ’16 agreed. She said, “The game is pretty great. It’s fun going around the game and hanging out.”

Varsity football player Tyler Diem ’15 said that, “My favorite part is the football game because I play in it.”

Of course more goes on at the game than the obvious football competition. The band plays, the varsity cheerleaders and dancers perform and class float rankings are revealed.

Not to mention that homecoming queen is announced, Sydney Zablocki ’15 said that having the queen unveiled is the best part.

Algebra 2 and Pre-calculus teacher Rebecca Ball said her favorite part is, “…the game and then seeing the alumni.”

“The game because it as really fun to see our school win last year and the band was cool,” said Artemio Sustaita ’15. He also offered some advice for the dance, “I wish they played more DJ remixes and Hispanic music. Also, I wish they lowered the prices. Gracias.”

The Dance

The grand finale eventually comes, the homecoming dance!

“My favorite part was the first time I went to homecoming and saw all of my friends. I was like ‘Wow, this is homecoming’,” Renee Jaworowski ’16 said.

Ella Dziedzic ’14 said that her favorite part is, “…seeing everyone dressed up and in formal wear.”

“I like the dressing up part the most and feeling like a princess. I love getting ready and having my hair and makeup done,” said Allison McGregor ’15.

Heather St.Onge ’16 admitted that her favorite part is “…dancing and hanging out with friends…and dressing up. I like dressing up!”

Kevin Keller ’15 said, “I like getting to hang out with all of my friends in a different setting besides school. It’s also an excuse to see my boyfriend for the weekend.”

DeAsia Nash ’14 said she liked “all of the people and the good vibes.”

Eventually the night is over, the excitement dissipates and life returns to normal.

Justin Wojtyniak ’15 said, “I like that everyone comes and is together. It’s a lot different than other schools.”

Even though homecoming may only be a week long, it’s one time when everyone is together and is in a good mood. So, with those happy thoughts, go discover your favorite part of homecoming!


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