Homecoming dates: do you need them?

Hayley Tomich ‘14

Opinions Editor

The word “homecoming” can mean several things. For some, it means the beginning of yet another school year. For others, it means excitement and guaranteed memories. For very few, it means the search for a date to accompany them to the dance.

The homecoming dance could arguably be one of the most looked-forward to events of the year. Girls begin to fret over dresses and dates before the school year even starts. I think that stressing about a dress is typical, but stressing about a date is simply unnecessary.

Going to the dance with a date could be fantastic or extremely awkward. Through many years of experience, I have found the latter to be true.

I feel that homecoming dates only create confusion and anxiety. First of all, the decision between which group to go to the dance with is a prime example of why homecoming dates bring about stress.

Let’s say that you are going to the dance with someone outside of your group of friends. You can either make your date uncomfortable and go with your friends, or you can feel awkward and ride a bus or limo with your date’s friends. Either way, one half of the duo will have an awful experience.

Another reason homecoming dates are not needed is it is often hard to have fun just dancing with one person all night. Part of the fun of the event is dancing and enjoying yourself with all your classmates and friends. Going with a date means you are entitled to stay with them for the duration of the dance. I have seen that most people stray from their date and end up hurting their date’s feelings.

A great alternative to a homecoming date is having someone to match with just for pictures. You can get corsages and boutonnières to look snazzy for pictures, but when the dance comes, you are totally free.

Another alternative is matching with a friend of the same gender. This is specifically towards girls, since many boys won’t be getting matching corsages for each other. Either way it makes for a great photo opportunity that you can look back on as you get older.

A formal date works well if you are in a relationship. If you are faithfully dating someone, then by all means go to the dance with them! Otherwise, it can be a disaster and will most likely lead to an uncomfortable night.

Homecoming is a very exciting and fun time. Don’t be pressured into going with a date when you can still have a fun time without one.