Students gain spirit as they mature


Hayley Tomich ‘14


Opinions Editor


As I was standing outside the football stadium, the screams from the crowd were already piercing my ears. As I walked closer to the stands, I could see my fellow seniors standing towards the front of the student section cheering on the team. Standing behind them were mainly juniors and a few sophomores. I couldn’t help but think to myself, “this is what senior year is all about.”

With age comes maturity, and some would say more confidence. This has proven to be very true in the halls of L’Anse Creuse High School-North. As students get older, they tend to have more school spirit and participate in more school-oriented activities. Why is that, though?

As freshmen walk through the building on their first day, there are so many things running through their minds. The last thing they want to worry about is whether or not they are going to attend a football game or wear black and gold on Friday. So, when the time comes for this crucial decision to be made, they simply take a step back and decide not to participate.

Underclassmen do not yet have enough confidence to step out of their shell and take pride in their school. I personally fell victim to this my freshman year and refrained from showing too much school spirit. One of my goals was to one day participate and be as enthusiastic as the seniors were.

Shelby Stanton ‘17 said, “The seniors have much higher school spirit and you can tell they are upperclassmen because they are more excited to participate.”

The excitement that the seniors bring to the table enthuses other students and makes them want to have as much excitement.

But what is it that makes the seniors have so much school spirit? Many factors play a part in why the seniors have so much pep. Confidence is the number one reason. After surviving three years of high school, seniors finally realize that it is not the end of the world if they get a little too crazy at a high school basketball game.

Abby LaPorte ’14 said, “I go to more sporting events now that I am an upperclassman.”

Seniors are finally the oldest in the school, and they feel like they have the power to do whatever they want.

Another reason could possibly be that most of their friends, who are upperclassmen, are playing on the varsity teams. Cheering on friends is much more exciting than cheering on someone unfamiliar. Students who want their classmates to win are much more likely to cheer them on.

Seniors also want to participate because they are always trying to out-do the class before them. For three years they have sat back and watched other older students run the student section at sporting events and exhibit the most school spirit during spirit week.

Anyone would be lying if they said they didn’t want to be better than the people who came before them. This is specifically true with seniors. The class of 2015 is most likely plotting how to show more pride and school spirit than the current seniors as they read this.

School spirit has also increased because of instruments that make it easier to cheer on sports teams. A vuvuzela is basically a horn that produces a tone often heard at sporting events. Many students bedazzle their vuvuzela and bring it every sporting event they attend. The use of the cowbell is also very popular in promoting school spirit. The leader of the student section, who is normally a senior, often rings it to pump up the rest of the student section.

This enthusiasm for school pride doesn’t end when senior year does. It carries into college and college sporting events including rivalries.

LCN alumnus Jacob Puma said, “I had a lot of school spirit in high school, and so far it’s the same way now at Central Michigan University. I plan to attend a lot of the sporting events and I represent CMU all the time.”

School spirit is a great way to get involved and meet plenty of new people. I have witnessed it bring some of the people in my own class together for the first time throughout high school. Supporting a sports team basically brings together people who are cheering for and want the same thing together in a crowded area on the bleachers. So in a nutshell, showing school pride is a chance to meet all sorts of people.

Although some students may not show as much school pride as they are capable of, they eventually will. Sporting teams thrive on the enthusiasm of the fans and wouldn’t be as successful without them.

Whether it’s having confidence, a vuvuzela, the desire to meet new people, or simply having too much school pride, showing how much you want your school’s athletic teams to win will never go out of style.