Don’t get too burnt The downside to tanning

Jessie DiBattista ‘14
Copy Editor

Tantastic, Golden Glow, Sparkling Skin, and Beach Bronze all have one thing in common: tanning, which could all lead to fatal diseases.
Even though tanning is so popular all over the U.S.A., that does not limit the affect tanning can have on the human body. The effects of tanning are harming the people of America.
According to Vanderbilt University’s, “Effects of Tanning,” using a tanning bed is directly linked to skin cancer. Although tanning contains a risk of cancer, that is not the only dangerous consequence to tanning.
Elizabeth Carruth author of, “Effects of Tanning,” states, “Although tanning industries claim that UVA radiation is safe, medical research disproves this theory.”
The UV rays of tanning beds penetrate deep within the skin causing tissue damage, which may ultimately cause cancer.
“I do it. I know it is bad,” Abby LaPorte ’14 said.
Laporte is not the only one who tans, according to Huff Post Style. “Kids Tanning? New Poll Reveals Children As Young As 6 Want To Be Tan,” out of 1,000 teenagers 62 percent go tanning. Those crazed numbers ultimately increases the risk for cancer.
The most common form of skin cancer is melanoma. Melanoma consists of growths under and above the skin, from ultraviolet rays known as sun rays. With tanning beds radiating the ultraviolet radiation much stronger the risk for Melanoma rises ten fold to those who use tanning beds according to the Huff Post.
Although some teens tan frequently, not all find it satisfactory.
“I think tanning is stupid, but some say it is relaxing so I understand, but it is weird to lay under a blue light and just sit there,” Katherine Venadam ’14 said. She is not the only one.
“Tanning beds cause cancer and cancer is bad,” Rachel Joseph ’14 said.
“Buy that spray stuff and J-Lo it,” business teacher Joe Naniewicz said.
Naniewicz makes a valid point. There are many other ways to be tan instead of damaging skin. Spray tan, lotion, air brush, and even makeup are alternatives to using a tanning bed. Also, tanning prices can add up; so paying for one lotion bottle instead of a one-month contract for tanning can save money.
Tanning salons can be found anywhere within the U.S.; however, that does not make them safe. Tanning beds have dangerous effects that could harm users.