Athletes of the Month

Hannah Shier ‘14
Opinions Editor



Koski named top ten player of the year for Michigan

There is no question as to why superstar quarterback Sean Koski ’14 is the male athlete of the month. Not only is he a three-sport varsity athlete, but also he has the special honor of being a top five candidate for Michigan Football Player of the Year.
Koski said, “I’m not shocked. I’m surrounded by a team that constantly contributes to help me with my performances. I also have a great support system. My parents are always right behind me so are my coaches, especially Coach DeBord.”
Although he is undecided on where he would like to play, Koski would like to play at a Division 1 college. His future is looking bright after all of his hard work and dedication. Koski has been playing football for 10 years and has played on the varsity team for two and a half seasons.
“I do a lot of off-season training and watch a lot film to get me where I am today. Hard work does pay off,” Koski said.
Deiontae Nicholas ’14, friend and teammate, said, “He is the leader of this team. He works beyond practice, pushes himself to be the best, gets everybody pumped during the game, and is just an overall great player.”
Coach Jordan Belfiori said, “Sean is a tremendous player. He takes the game more seriously than any other high school athlete I have seen. He is an extremely competitive player. He does not like to lose. He pushes everyone on the team to work hard. He puts everyone on the same page, gets everyone prepared for the game, watches a ton of film outside of practice, and truly is the leader of this team.”
Koski is also on the varsity basketball and baseball teams. He is more than a deserving candidate for Michigan Football Player of the Year and the male Athlete of the Month.



Sarotte goes for the green at states

“She’s the best out of all of us on the team. She’s the one who works the hardest and is most competitive. We don’t have captains on the golf team, but if we did, she would be it. She cheers all of us on and has the best sportsmanship on the team,” Amanda Schoeninger ’17 said.
These are the kinds of remarks Megan Sarotte ’15 generates. Sarotte definitely earned some bragging rights, and she is only a junior. She went to Lansing to compete in the State Championship for girls’ golf at Michigan State University on October 18.
“I individually went to State because I was top three in regionals. It was an 18-hole tournament. Unfortunately, I didn’t do that well, but I wasn’t really going into it thinking I was going to win. I was preparing myself for next year and what to expect,” Sarotte said.
Sarotte has been playing golf for 10 years. She plans on playing in college, but she is still undecided as to where exactly. Since she is only a junior, her future looks bright with all of the dedication she puts into golf. Sarotte takes lessons to get herself prepared, and is very busy practicing five days a week during the season and two days a week during the off-season.
“I wouldn’t be where I am today without the support of my family and teammates. My grandparents, too, always come out and cheer me on. Everyone keeps me motivated and pushes me to keep trying my best,” Sarotte said.
Coach Sharon Hicks said, “She established some goals for herself in the beginning of the season, and she not only met those goals but exceeded each and every one of them.”