Editorial: Peer mediation assists students with problems

Alexis Carlson



There is a new program at LCN called peer mediation (see story on page 2). Peer mediation was developed to help solve many issues students face in high school. Whether they are disciplinary, emotional, or social problems, peer mediation was instituted to help find a solution.
Since it is a new program here, not many people know much about it. Basically what happens is if a student senses an issue with someone they know, they go to the dean of students’ office and refer them for a peer mediation meeting. Peer mediators then sit down with the disputants and talk through the situation. Mediators have been through intensive training in order to solve conflicts.
The point of LCN’s new program is to limit conflicts among students in the school. By sitting down and talking about a problem with people who understand it from the same point of view could help solve the problem before it becomes a really big deal.
As a staff, The North Star feels that Crusader Nation needs to take advantage of this new program. The outcome could be so beneficial to everyone if more people knew about it and took advantage of the opportunity. It could decrease the number of fights, disagreements and issues among students. It would also increase communication in a positive manner.
Filling out a form to suggest mediation is completely anonymous so the possibility of involving yourself in someone’s problem is impossible.
In light of all of the recent fighting at LCN, maybe peer mediation is something students could try in order to avoid making a spectacle of themselves in front of the entire school.
Nothing but positive outcomes will result from the new peer mediation program. Students need to be more aware of this great program and all of its benefits.