Fantasy football allows fans to compete on the web

Justin Graham ‘14


With the first pick in the 2013-2014 NFL fantasy league draft, John Seaser ’14 selects Peyton Manning. Most people dream to have a team with all of their favorite players on it. Fantasy football allows users to make this dream come true.
Many people grab a couple of buddies and start a league together. These leagues can be for pure enjoyment, bets or competition. Fantasy football is a great way to interact with friends and meet new people.
“I play because all of my friends do and I love to compete against them and win,” said Derrick Croce ’14.
Manning, Drew Brees, Tom Brady, and Aaron Rodgers are some of the elite quarterbacks in the league. These players tend to be the first drafted and always put up the most points for a team. Normally, running backs are drafted second, then wide receivers; next is tight ends; defensemen and kickers are last. Any players left undrafted will become free agents that can become picked up when necessary during the season.
“I always try to draft Calvin Johnson each year because he dominates any team. I also always make sure I have a solid backup for Calvin when he has a bye week,” Erik Loush ’14 said.
Each team’s starting lineup includes one quarterback, two running backs, two wide receivers, one tight end, one kicker, one team’s defense, and a flex spot, which can be filled by a running back or wide receiver.
“My team is pretty amazing this year and I’m proud of how well it turned out. I’m pretty sure I’m going to win my league and I’ll be able to brag to all of my friends about it,” Loush said.
The starting lineup of a team is very important, but the backups are also key. When a team has a bye week, which happens once a season, their players will not play that week. Backups are necessary to fill in these spots and provide a team with the same amount of points.
Many other factors can affect a team. Players can be suspended or injured. When a player is injured for a long time, the player can be released. Once they release a player, team owners may search for free agents who can be added to the team to replace the injured player.
Once the regular season comes to an end, and depending on how many players are in the league, those with the best overall records will move to the playoffs. Each game is a one-game elimination, which means once you lose, your chances of winning the Super Bowl are over.
When the final game is finished, and the winner of the league is decided, the season is over and fantasy football will come to a close. All of the members playing will have to wait until the next season to start another league up and play it all over again.