Is one school dance enough?

Bre Previdi ‘14
Business Manager


The homecoming festivities end and the entire student body raves about how fantastic the turnout was. The decorated gym, the teenagers dressed to impress, and the music envelops the dance floor as everyone has the time of their lives for just one night during the school year.
Each year students complain about never having another dance after homecoming, and the idea has been brought up quite frequently. Good ‘ole LCN should host another school dance this year.
The one day a year that girls get to wear princess-style dresses and get their hair done to impress the boys never fulfills the needs of a true girl. I love pampering myself the entire week before homecoming, such as the much-needed manicure and tanning to have that glowing complexion.
Having another school dance would live up to its full potential not only because everyone gets to look like movie stars on one more night, but also because they can get all of their dancing jitters out for the rest of the year.
Most of the time, the students who attend homecoming say that the music played was not up to their expectations, and that not everyone could dance to many of the songs. Having another school function at which to dance and have fun with their friends would possibly make kids happier.
Each grade level always seems to come together after a social event, especially after they find out who gets crowned king and queen at the homecoming pep assembly, which is the day before the actual dance.
After the polls were taken for who should be on this year’s homecoming court, the tension between friends grew stronger as they fought to become royalty. Homecoming court is meant to be a fun and different way to highlight some of the seniors that stand out, and not meant to create cliques between friends and foes. I feel as though each year the seniors build up an unnecessary problem with court, and end up feeling not as excited as they originally were for homecoming. With another school dance, LCN would not have another court of “royalty,” and everyone could enjoy a night of dancing and equality.
“Post homecoming depression” never fails to occur the week following homecoming. Everyone always seems to be in a jittery, dancing mood and wants to have another homecoming right away.
Specifically during the week of homecoming, spirit week is meant to pump up the student body, but some freshmen are “too cool” to dress up with nothing but Lions gear, or we have that group that claims our spirit week is “really lame.” If each grade level were to chip in with an idea or two of what the theme of spirit week could be, perhaps a future “homecoming number two” would get the spirit participation it deserves.
Most of the time homecoming comes and goes so close to the beginning of the school year that no one really has time to reminisce on the good times. Hopefully, the second time around kids will have the time to process the idea of spirit week and actually take the time and effort to participate in the pre-school dance fun.
Although hosting another school dance for high school students would be extremely exciting, sometimes the money to host such events is limited.
Student Council can put on a mean homecoming, but the expenses for every little detail can add up quickly. Poster boards, paint, and each dazzling decoration for a fabulous homecoming takes months of planning and budgeting, and it may be hard to recreate a huge event twice in one school year. Students who do not participate in Student Council may not realize the hard work put into every function they run, and school dances are the biggest events all year.
Since hundreds of students participate in the dance festivities, each grade would be able to come together and throw another school dance as one big happy family.
When a student becomes a senior and he or she reflects on every year of high school, most of the time homecoming or social events are the biggest memories. Being a senior, I would just like to say that high school is meant for bonding with other classmates, whether it is buddies in your grade, or underclassmen that wish to do the things I have done. By having another dance, the entire school can bond as one, and cherish one last moment while in high school together.
The amount of time it takes to make an event like this happen may be a lot, but the pictures and memories of all the great times shared at this event are worth a thousand words.
During my high school career, I have never experienced a second dance hosted at LCN, and that is upsetting. The whole point of high school is to make memories that are meant to last a lifetime. Although I have experienced so many different things as a high school student, dancing with my friends for one night is the best one.
LCN would not be in the wrong if it hosted another school dance. What high school student doesn’t enjoy a night full of dancing with fellow classmates? The music, smoke machines, and streamed lights above the dance floor could get anyone excited enough to “get jiggy with it”!
If another school dance isn’t on LCN’s radar for this school year, many of the seniors, and possibly the underclassmen would be disappointed. LCN gave me nothing but the best memories for my high school years, but it would be that much better to get pumped up during spirit week, dress fancy, bond, and hopefully never forget when I had the time of my life at a simple school dance.