Letters to the editor: Freshmen write in


Michigan vs. Michigan State [MSU vs. U/M, October 2013] is the biggest football game of the NCAA because both teams have a 5-1 record and will be battling for the record lead. Both teams can win which makes it an even better game. They will be looking to win the Paul Bunyan trophy. It will be a great game because Michigan has the better offense, and Michigan State is a stronger defensive team. I am a Michigan fan but I still look forward to a close, exciting game. I never look forward to a blowout but it wouldn’t frustrate me if Michigan blew Michigan State out.

Ben Bultz ‘17


In the article, “Is Halloween your style?” by Paige Zaziski [October 2013], she talks about how people should decide if you should dress up or not for Halloween.
Personally, I love Halloween and dressing up and getting candy! Who doesn’t love that? Yes, some might say it’s childish to dress up, but I don’t agree at all. It’s fun, different, and it shows off your interests. I’m dressing up for Halloween, and I am planing to go all out. I want to dress up like a greaser girl. I love the movie “Grease” and their style. Plus, I get to go out with a couple of friends and get candy!

Grace Sabisch ‘17


In the article, “Filling out College Applications requires time, effort” by Breanna Previdi [October 2013], it shows that many of students thought filling out college applications was going to be easy, but they were soon surprised by how much effort and time it takes. This article states that students may have trouble picking out the “top colleges” to attend and making sure every grade and ACT score is pristine enough. I agree that filling out applications is difficult and stressful. The writer, Breanna Previdi, really explains what students go through when filling out applications and shows that it’s not just a breeze. This article can really help senior students going through this situation. I would recommend that students who are filling out college applications read this article.

Lauren Schneider ‘17


I agree with the article, “The Homecoming Experience,” [October 2013] because I think it’s true that homecoming is a different thing for many people. For example, in the article, it stays “The homecoming experience- it’s a little different for everyone.” This proves that the article tells about how homecoming can be different and you meet new people.

Michael Minchella ‘17