Offseason training important to be successful athlete

Jake Carriveau ‘14
Sports Editor


Every athlete is aware that to be successful at a sport, an athlete needs to put a great deal of time and effort in, on and off the field, during the season and during the off season. There’s a lot of training that could be done, but just what workouts are favored by the LCN athletes and coaches, and what exercises work best?
Basketball is a sport that requires a lot of running so sprints and lots of conditioning workouts are very important.
“During the offseason, I lift on my own, and do a lot of shooting in the gym. I do a lot of exercises but I think running stairs is one of the best workouts,” said varsity basketball player Ryan Sohns ’14.
Many athletes agree that the weight room is the best place to be during the offseason. LCN’s weight room contains benches, dumbbells, leg workout machines, abdominal workout machines, treadmills, workout bicycles, and elliptical machines.
Football is a very rough and physical sport so players need to get in the weight room as much as they can and bulk up.
“I work out every day in the weight room,” said varsity football player Brandon Lechowicz ’15. “Everything in there can help you get faster and stronger and no matter what sport you play, those things are important.”
People who probably encourage offseason training more than anyone are the coaches. LCN offers gym classes that are dedicated to certain sports, such as basketball or lacrosse.
“There’s so much to do to get better. Weight room, running, out-of-school programs, and being involved with another sport are all great things to do. But one of the most important things is being active in your sport during the offseason and not being lazy,” said varsity lacrosse coach Joe Politowicz.
Getting better at a sport isn’t just for varsity players; athletes of all levels need to practice year-round.
“I play for a travel team, and practice on my own. I’ve been playing for three years and I still think it’s important to practice and train throughout the year,” said freshman volleyball player Brooke Schill ’17.
If an athlete wants to be the best he/she can be at a sport, offseason season training is crucial. Many have heard the terms ‘grind time’ or ‘offseason grind.’ LCN proves that they grind the hardest and their teams’ records reflect that each season.