Freshmen deal with the transition from middle school

Miranda Rysiewicz ‘15


“FRESHMEN TO THE RIGHT!” This is a common phrase yelled by teachers in the hallway during passing times. Learning how things are done here can make the transition to high school a tough one for former middle schoolers.
“I didn’t think the school was going to be on as big of a scale,” Lucas Soriol ‘17 said.
The transition from middle school is a big change and there are many differences between the two levels.
“I don’t like not seeing all of my friends every day, like I did in middle school. The school is way bigger so it makes it hard to see all of them,” Soriol said.
Coming in from middle school and joining in with another middle school adds to all the chaos. New friendships are made and some old ones are lost.
Coming from a middle school that does not feed into the high school may be even worse.
“I was scared to start high school because I didn’t know very many people because I came from a different middle school,” Matt Alanskas ’17 said.
Coming from a middle school outside of the district is tough for some. They don’t really know anybody and fitting in could be a challenge for some kids.
In middle school, students only have six hour-long classes and not nearly as much homework. In high school, they have seven 52-minute classes and more homework. For some students, it becomes a challenge to balance and organize work and activities.
“It’s hard balancing school, friends, and homework,” Soriol said.
Many of the freshmen said they like the freedom that there is in high school which they did not have in middle school. Some of these freedoms include the phone policy, and being able to go outside at lunch.
LCN has a way to help make the transition from middle school to high school easier. Link Crew is a large group of juniors, seniors, and some sophomores, that help the freshmen with the transition before they even start their first day of school.
“On Link Day, we helped them calm their nerves about starting high school and we help them find their classes and their lockers,” Jenna Helsing ’15, Link Crew leader, said.
Freshmen Link Day allows the freshmen to meet kids from the other middle schools, get familiar with the school, meet some upperclassmen, and have fun while in the process. They come to the school in the morning and start the day off with some team-building activities. They then break into smaller groups with their assigned link leaders. They do other activities to meet and bond with new people. At the end of the day, they go on a tour so they can find their locker and classrooms.
When asked what advice she would give to freshmen, Helsing said, “Enjoy the moments you have because it goes by faster than you think.”
“Do your homework and don’t mess up your freshman year because you will regret it later down the road and in high school years to come. And don’t stop in the middle of the hallway,” Katelyn Ahlstrom ‘15 said.
“The best advice for freshmen is to just have fun because your high school years are the best years of your life and you don’t get to live them twice. Don’t start your high school career off on a bad note because you will regret it later on,” Danielle Sargent ’15 said.Link crew