Hunger Games and Catching Fire Preview

Adrianna Sputa ’15

Online Editor


“Happy Hunger Games and may the odds ever be in your favor.” “The Hunger Games” book trilogy by Suzanne Collins was one of the more popular book series in 2012. The first book, “The Hunger Games” has already been produced into a film and was released last fall. The sequel “Catching Fire” is on its way to theaters, premiering (on November 22) today!

Thirteen districts are all that is left to make up one country, which is all that is left of North America. Every year these districts pick a girl and a boy from age 12-18 to fight until the death in the annual Hunger Games. In this post-apocalyptic nation, not all is well. There is major outspoken rebellion against the government and many conspiracy theories about what really happened to the country of Panem for it to be this way.

The first movie was very successful at the box office, bringing in a total of $214 million its opening weekend, according to The fans were quite satisfied with the outcome of production, based on the happenings in the book.

Every actor’s portrayal of their character in this movie was spot on, and mostly what is pictured while reading the book. The storyline behind Katniss and Peeta, played by Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson, is outstandingly emotional and draws every viewer in. Lawrence plays the main character throughout the series and is one of the newer actresses in Hollywood, along with most of “The Hunger Games” cast.

Director Gary Ross really used his resources and mimicked every aspect important to the plot. The movie was praised especially for its special effects. Nearly every scene was enhanced by visual effects. These enhancements are particularly noticeable in scenes within the Capitol, the mutts and the tracker jackers, which are the Hunger Game’s version of a wasp-like insect.

Also, the special effects for the fighting scenes are heart-wrenching. Every violent jab, slash, or shot makes those who are watching feel like they are there witnessing every movement. Special effects are an important part of the movie and really bring a realistic take on Collins’ vision for the production of her book to the big screen.

The first book to movie was portrayed well, overall but it did have some significant differences causing the storylines to be slightly different. This means that although the second book, “Catching Fire”, stays on track with the first book, the movie version will have to follow “The Hunger Games” movie plot rather than what happens in the book series.

“Catching Fire” will be an absolutely awe inspiring movie, with even more special effects, a new director, more characters added to the film alongside the previous cast, and the greatest part is Katniss (Lawrence) returns to fight till the death yet again.

Sam Clafin, Lynn Cohen, Jeffrey Wright and Amanda Plummer are among the new cast members and each one of these actors play an important role in “Catching Fire”. Finnick, who is played by Clafin, and Mags, played by Cohen, are both key players in the storyline. Beetee, played by Wright, and Wiress, played by Plummer are also important. With the number of new characters, and new plot lines, “Catching Fire” will be full of exciting scenes, but the audience will need to pay attention closely. Every character’s background is different and the actors must reproduce the individual stories exactly how they are written in the book.

“Catching Fire” will be exhilarating for people who take an interest in the series. The movie trailer alone already sets a certain mood for the audience. Several tragedies are being foreshadowed not only in the games, but also outside of the arena as well.