Some very special shout-outs…

Samantha Pleiness ‘14
Cover Editor


Students and staff give thanks

“I’m thankful for the kids who don’t make out in the hallway and also everyday I get a chance to live.”

John Pizzo, math teacher

“I’m thankful for being able to play soccer at LCN and for the coach that helped better my skills.” Jesus Hernandez ‘17

“I’m thankful for my lovely friends, family and, of course, my boyfriend.”
Emily Smith ‘16


“I’m thankful for being healthy, teaching here at LCN, and my three little nieces.” Joe Naniewicz, business teacher


“I’m thankful for the school I go to and the athletics I get to play.”
Eric Murray ’17


I’m thankful for life.”
Denis Lika ‘15


“I’m thankful for food, and of course, being alive.”
Meagan Cykon ‘14


“I’m thankful for my family because they keep me motivated to always do better when things get tough.” Meghan Radoicic ’14