Thanksgiving traditions: What does your family do?

Zach Gregarek ‘14


“Every year I spend my day at the Lions’ game tailgating with my dad, then come home to a huge dinner prepared by my mom and eat for the rest of the day,” Zack Kazyak ’14 said.
Thanksgiving can easily be labeled as one of the most important times of the year; it brings families together and gets people to look at what they have to be thankful for in life.
On the last Thursday of November, many families and friends spend the day together while stuffing their faces. Families spend the day carrying out family traditions. A tradition is defined as the transmission of customs or beliefs from generation to generation. Some even keep certain traditions going year after year.
“I usually go to my dad’s and spend the day hanging out with my family. Then after we eat, everyone sleeps for a few hours then we all go out and do some black Friday shopping,” Lauryn Bielawski ’16 said.
As hard as things may seem, always remember there is someone out there who has it harder.
“For a few years now, I’ve volunteered at a soup kitchen and served a turkey dinner to homeless people who aren’t as fortunate as I am,” Brad Taylor ’14 said. “It feels great to see someone smile because of me.”
Hunting is also a popular tradition around this time. Considering that hunting only takes place during certain seasons, many take advantage of this opportunity.
“Over Thanksgiving break, my husband and I go on a hunting trip up north. I sit in the little tree blind while he does his hunting,” teacher Amy Petracek said.
Thanksgiving also happens to be one of the most-traveled holidays. Many troops are able to come home for the holiday and people that live in the northern states like to get away to some warmer weather before winter hits. Places like airports tend to be ridiculously busy at this time of the year.
Turkey dinners and football are most likely the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about Thanksgiving, but it’s so much more than just food and games. Thanksgiving is one of the happiest times of the year and never fails to bring family and friends together.